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AI roles make up a quarter of UK tech job listings

UK AI jobs
Image credit: DC Studio / Shutterstock

AI roles now make up more than a quarter of tech jobs advertised in the UK, according to new research from Thomson Reuters.

The current boom era of AI, ushered in by generative technologies like ChatGPT, has put major pressure on tech companies to embrace what many are projecting will be an era-defining technology.

Newly published research has suggested that companies are more than eager to embrace AI or get ahead by hiring the right talent.

According to Thomson Reuters’ analysis of more than 6,000 live job openings in the UK tech industry, 27% of listings were for roles that required AI skills.

“AI-focused jobs requirements have gone from being quite limited to being over a quarter of all new IT roles in a very short time,” said Mary Alice Vuicic, chief people officer at Thomson Reuters....