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Pastoral yields £205k pre-seed for farming software

Pastoral pre seed
Image credit: Pastoral

Agtech startup Pastoral has secured £205,000 in pre-seed funding for its animal tracking and farm monitoring software.

Features of Pastrol’s farming software include virtual fencing, where a farmer draws an area on his phone where he would like their animals to stay within.

When an animal crosses the invisible virtual fence, its collar plays a loud sound, and sends a notification to the farmer’s phone, prompting them to herd it back.

Pastoral’s software also provides live animal tracking, satellite crop information and localised weather forecasts.

“Livestock producers require advanced technology to optimise their business, and in the near future, measuring their carbon footprint will become mandatory,” said Stephen Page, CEO at SFC Capital, which led the investment round.

London-based Pastoral also attracted investment from Sturgeon Capital.

With the pre-seed funds, the startup is looking to grow its presence in North America, Europe and Central Asia within the next year.

Shea McManigal, co-founder and CFO of Pastoral, said: “We are thrilled to have the continued support of the United Nations Development Programme as we work to revolutionise the livestock farming and ranching industry.”

“Our goal is to make regenerative farming accessible to everyone, and we believe we can make that a reality.”

The startup was designed in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme is a graduate of its sustainable agriculture incubator Cultiv@te.

Another business looking to improve efficiency in agriculture is the vertical farming startup Harvest London, which recently secured funding for a new facility.