Why care management software is disrupting the care industry

After months of research and talking to care staff about the difficulties they have with managing paper care notes and plans, Log my Care has developed new technology in the form of electronic care home software. After discovering the time burden associated with paper-based care systems, Log my Care aims to help streamline care planning processes by using digital care plans. Through creating a mobile app, carers are able to efficiently log care notes in real time, on the go.  The app has been developed to be accessible across devices and is intuitive for all levels of technical ability, marking a real breakthrough for technology in care.

Traditionally care notes would be updated by hand at the end of a shift, relying on carers to remember information and record it accurately at the end of each day. The innovative software allows carers to record and update care notes on the go by tapping through answers to specific questions. Individual care plans can be programmed to understand daily routines for residents, and so the software learns to only ask carers relevant questions.  The intuitive design has been built with easy to navigate menus and buttons, making notes quick and easy to update and in turn freeing up time for 1-2-1 care.

Sitting behind the app is a software with a ‘care office’ which is managed centrally by a care manager. Here managers can seamlessly track care delivery throughout the home and monitor reports of care data and resource usage, giving a more accurate representation of care throughout the home. Reports can also be used to evidence and track standards of care over time (important for meeting inspection guidelines) or data can be analysed to churn out reports of health metrics or generate care plans for individuals. Managers can also delegate tasks to carers, whether that be for distributing medication or tasks for the whole home like cleaning. Additionally, the inbuilt ability to snooze and flag overdue tasks shows a real understanding of the target audience, who have to be flexible in care delivery and juggle multiple tasks.

The technology behind care management software is pioneering change in the care industry, modernising and streamlining the way in which care is delivered. It is also adapting to global events. Recent changes have included updates to coronavirus resources, and a Covid-19 symptom monitoring tool [1] has been introduced to the software. This allows carers to input data such as respiration rate, temperature, and cough symptoms. The system then condenses this into a dashboard with visual colour coded warning signs, transforming carers ability to look after vulnerable people during a health crisis.

As the only freemium model on the market, Log my Care[2] is available on both the App store and Google Play. All health data is stored in line with GDPR guidelines and once confirmed as a care provider, instructions for setting up and running a trial are sent via email. The software is easy to use and has been used across residential, nursing, mental health, and learning disability care providers.

[1] https://logmycare.co.uk/coronavirus-care-home-guidance/

[2] https://logmycare.co.uk/