What Do We Expect to See on the Online Casino Market in 2020?

The online casino industry keeps improving along with developments in technology and in line with regulation changes. How the market will operate and what we can expect in 2020 is certainly interesting. Here is what to expect over the next 12 months.

  1. Unique Welcome Bonuses

Anyone who has tried to look for a new online casino will have realised how crowded the online casino market is. To lure gamers to their casino over others, they use a string of tactics but the most effective are welcome bonuses. However, the type of bonuses is usually limited to a certain number of free spins, no deposit bets and alike.

To separate casinos from their competitors, casinos are now looking for ways to offer welcome bonuses that are unique. This has already been achieved at Party Casino, an online casino with a wealth of attractive bonuses for new and existing players.

  1. Redirecting Marketing

Online casinos just like casinos themselves have always been directed at male players. This has because males were always more interested and likely to gamble. Yet, with the invention of the smartphone and other trends, more women are enjoying online casinos and their apps. Similarly, more males are playing Bingo despite it being dominated by females in the past.

These trends have caused marketing of online casinos to change and appeal to both sexes equally, or even the development of online casinos exclusive to female players online.

  1. 5G Wireless Technology

5G wireless technology will bring us faster download speeds and stronger connections in certain locations, namely bigger UK cities. The technology has already been developed and perfected in some Asian territories and it is due to be implemented in the UK soon.

In the online casino world, faster and more reliable internet connections can only be a good thing. It will allow us to play at online casinos, and with their apps, with more confidence and potentially better graphics.

  1. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has started to seep into the gambling industry with more online casinos accepting Bitcoin as a form of deposit. However, the number of crypto only casinos are set to rise in the next year as cryptocurrency regulations get underway. With crypto fully regulated, it opens the door for all businesses, including online casinos, to look at these digital currencies more favourably.

  1. Less Basic Slots More Interactive Games

Online casinos are not seeing as good returns on slot games as younger players opt for games that require more skill. This has meant more online casinos are prioritising the development of newer games with better graphics and even arcade-style games. This trend is also evident in land-based casinos where floor space is valued on the games’ returns.

It’s Only Going to Get Better

Many of the developments in the online casino sphere have come about through new technology such as Virtual Reality. That trend is set to continue in 2020, but it is also likely that raw innovation can also play a part in enhancing the future of online casinos for gamblers.