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What would we do in our free time if it weren’t for video games? The developers work pretty hard to produce lots and lots of titles for millions of players all over the world. The industry makes sure that that the needs of gamers are met with each title it produces.

Also, it keeps an eye out for technological trends. That’s how games improve as well as the systems that support them. Mobile gaming became popular thanks to technological advancements and nowadays you can even find a gaming smartphone. PCs and consoles also take gaming to the next level.

In short, the industry doesn’t miss out on an opportunity to keep the gamers satisfied. The current trend that’s gaining popularity is Bitcoin. The industry has already incorporated it as a viable payment method at some gaming venues. But there’s another way that the industry has incorporated this trend.

The technology behind this cryptocurrency has been inspiring for lots of game developers. That’s why they made several Bitcoin titles that are well accepted on the market. They are games from different genres and they are well accepted on the market. Here are some examples of Bitcoin titles:

Bitcoin Hero

If you’re looking to become a Bitcoin trader, then you’re going to need some practice. That’s where Bitcoin Hero comes in. You’ll get to take part in trading with virtual assets with real-time prizes. Also, there will be some tools that will help you analyze the market and make your trading decisions based on that. In short, you’ll learn the basics of what it means to trade Bitcoin. Since it’s an app, you can enjoy it on your smartphone and learn the basics on the move. If the complexity of Bitcoin trading is too much for you to take, you can always try out trading platforms.

For example, you can find out how does Bitcoin Champion works and see why you should choose that platform. It utilizes sophisticated algorithms to trade for you. So, by simply making an account and making the minimum deposit you’ll have access to a platform that does the hard work for you. Before you start using it, you’ll need to go over the tutorials and demo lessons. Once you have covered the basics and you’re familiar with the way the platform works, you can try it out with a live session.


Unlike Bitcoin Hero, Splinterlands is a trading card game. You’ll have a deck of cards that you can bolster every time you defeat an opponent. In addition, you’ll have cards from several factions and if you’re looking to boost your deck, then you can even use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to buy collectibles. The more opponents you defeat, the better you’ll become, and the more you’ll progress in the game.

Merge Cats

Merge Cats is a matching Bitcoin game. You’ll get all kinds of cats in this game and your job is to merge them. It’s a simple concept that will have you entertained for hours upon hours. The game also has some daily challenges, and if you take part in them, then you’ll be rewarded with prizes made up of various Bitcoin amounts. So, you have a good game that will help you relaxed and an additional income from Bitcoin.


The community of gaming is progressive, which is why the entire industry has been able to stay popular for such a long time. Thanks to technological advances, the industry has been keeping itself on top. So, when the Bitcoin trend came along it incorporated it. Since it’s an evolving trend, then it will be a part of the industry.