In the most recent Trending Tech Podcast, iconectiv’s Peter Ford and Omnisperience’s Teresa Cottam discuss the pressing issue of digital fraud as well as the latest trends impacting the telecom space



According to a recently published white paper from Omnisperience, ‘UK Digital Fraud: There’s a gap in the UK digital infrastructure and it’s letting fraud in,’ as the UK continues to chart its path toward a modern digital economy, there are two major forces to be reckoned with – escalating fraud to the tune of £137 billion and an archaic telecoms system in desperate need of a revamp.

Peter Ford, iconectiv’s Executive Vice President of Information Solutions, joined the paper’s author, Omnisperience’s Chief Analyst Teresa Cottam, in the latest Trending Tech Podcast, hosted by Jeremy Cowan. The group discussed this pressing issue as well as the latest tech headlines and trends impacting the telecom space, including:

  • The current fraud landscape in the UK, and some of the attack vectors criminals are using to commit cyber-enabled crime, which now accounts for 80% of all fraud in the region.
  • The various reasons why mobile devices – specifically mobile phone numbers are a gateway to hijacking someone’s identity – and what the telecoms industry needs to do to address the situation.
  • What a recent fraud report from the UK’s House of Lords means for the industry.
  • Why it’s time for the UK to overhaul its current number portability process, which enables consumers and businesses to change service providers but keep their same phone number.
  • Plus, other trending topics.


  • Jeremy Cowan – Host, Trending Tech Podcast
  • Teresa Cottam – Chief Analyst, Omnisperience
  • Peter Ford – Executive Vice President, Information Solutions Business, iconectiv


To listen to the podcast, visit: https://bit.ly/40jZJu0

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