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Total Telecom: Transformation of Intelligent Digitalization Is Key to Improve Revenue, Efficiency and User Experience

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Total Telecom reported how transformation of intelligent digitalization acts as a key to enable operators to create new business value during Huawei’s Win-Win Innovation Week.

As digitalization and intelligence have opened up new market potential and created growth engines during the transformation of the carriers, Peng Song, President, Carrier BG Marketing and Solution Sales Dept., Huawei, elaborated on how the carriers can accelerate the transformation of intelligent digitalization at three layers during his address at the Win-Win Conference.

The three-layer intelligent digital transformation includes, as Peng Song explained, intelligent digitalization of services, Operations and Maintenance (O&M), as well as infrastructure. This will help the carriers create three key values of revenue increase, experience improvement and improvement in quality and efficiency.

“Based on Huawei’s transformation practices, we need to select key scenarios based on pain points, create values in one point and gradually extend it to wider areas,” says Peng Song.

He further mentioned that the transformation of the marketing recorded three key stages. The first stage was “changing the work mode” to improve operational efficiency and user experience. The second stage was “changing the decision-making model”, where the translation from product value to customer business value was maximized. The third and last stage was “enabling capability improvement of partners”, where internal capabilities were used to enable the industry.

Moreover, Huawei leveraged its experience of enabling the transformation of more than 100 operators to come up with the Five Dimensions and Five Levels assessment model for the maturity of O&M intelligent digital transformation. At the same time, it has created a global “Digital Intelligent Transformation DigiVerse Center” which summarizes high-value scenarios in the actual transformation process.

Intelligent digital transformation is a structural and systematic transition targeting business value. It is a journey demanding continuous effort in improving quality and efficiency through automation and intelligence, and bringing richer personal and enterprise services.

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