Sustainable energy business uses visualization capabilities and insights to provide clarity on technology, processes and systems to help accelerate the push toward net zero

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DigitalTransformationOrbus Software, a cloud solutions provider for accelerated decision-making, today announced that SmartestEnergy has selected its decision intelligence platform, OrbusInfinity. The solution provides insights into technology architecture, applications and operations that support and accelerate business transformation.

SmartestEnergy was formed in 2001 with the mission to lead the way to a 100% renewable energy system. It buys power directly and supplies over 47,000 customers in the UK, US and Australia. As a result of its growth, there was an increasing requirement to tackle siloed and outdated information and limited documentation on applications and infrastructure. SmartestEnergy’s goal was to understand how new projects, complex industry changes, or investment decisions would impact the organization and its customers.

By integrating the OrbusInfinity platform, SmartestEnergy now has a centralized view of its entire technology environment. The data visualization provides clarity, enabling business users to quickly make effective decisions that support organizational goals.

Henrik Magnusson, Head of Architecture at SmartestEnergy, stated: “As a sustainable energy business, we are committed to maintaining data, systems and processes to the highest standards. We needed a tool that was able to handle the realities and rigors of business today. Our mission is that Orbus Software will become the single source of truth for SmartestEnergy, supporting our quest to make net zero a reality.”

SmartestEnergy has brought all its technology, applications and roadmaps into the OrbusInfinity platform. The tool integrates seamlessly with the existing Microsoft environment and native applications and the insights are improving data governance, which is increasing stakeholder engagement. Moving forward, the solution will underpin the budget and planning process.

“Digital and organizational transformation is a business imperative, and many enterprises lack the visibility to make data-driven decisions,” said Gareth Burton, CEO of Orbus Software. “By tapping into the power of our platform, SmartestEnergy now has the clarity and insights to understand where to invest and maximize its operations. We look forward to supporting SmartestEnergy as it accelerates the drive toward net zero.”

About Orbus Software

Orbus Software is a leading provider of cloud solutions for strategic decision making. Its enterprise platform provides a comprehensive view of applications, systems, and data, allowing leaders to make informed decisions, optimize cost, minimize risks, and maintain operational resilience in the face of constant disruption. Customers are predominantly global blue-chip enterprises and government organizations, including AstraZeneca, CIMB Bank, Investec, Three and Saab. To learn more, follow Orbus Software on LinkedIn.

About SmartestEnergy:

At SmartestEnergy, we’re empowering switched on customers, generators and partners to get to net zero. We know the journey to 100% renewable energy is complex, because everyone’s at different stages with unique needs. That’s why our model is flexible, our advice is unbiased, and our innovative retail solutions are realistic. As a growing community, we can make the system fairer and more powerful. We can better show the realities and rewards of switching from fossil fuels to clean energy. Connect generators to customer demand. Accelerate the market. Create jobs. And champion greener, smarter energy for generations.


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