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Forrester’s New Wave Recognises 1E Tachyon Experience as Differentiated in Resolving Digital Experience Issues

1E Tachyon Experience rated as differentiated in both User Sentiment and Remediation in the Forrester End User Experience Management New Wave Report

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Endpoint Automation Leader, 1E, is rapidly disrupting the digital experience space, emerging as a “Strong Performer” in the Forrester New Wave report on End User Experience Management.

2021: The digital business is going remote-first

The events of 2020 have paved the way to a new type of enterprise; one that empowers employees to work in whichever way best suits them. In response, some of the world’s largest enterprises have already begun dissolving the boundaries around our traditional definition of the “digital workplace”. Indeed, Deloitte announced that it is permanently closing four offices and putting 500 employees on WFH contracts, Microsoft will let its employees work from home permanently post-pandemic, and Google extended its WFH policy.

In the age of remote work, the endpoint is the conduit to the workplace. Recent research by Vanson Bourne showed that the overwhelming majority (98%) of users of remote workers found endpoint performance to be important, yet more than half (53%) say that their machine runs more slowly outside the office. 2021 will see the rise of End User Experience Management as a discipline and tooling in this space will be a must have requirement.

Insight without the ability to act is of limited value

The report calls out the importance of remediation as a vital part of an End User Experience initiative and goes on to recognise 1E Tachyon Experience as having clear water between it and the competition. The report goes further and spells out the differentiated capability: “1E excels at remediating device issues, with hundreds of out-of-the-box scripts, a script builder, suggested actions, and automatic remediation natively available.”

Digital Experience programs must be about driving meaningful change. Tools need to go beyond providing insights and have automation capabilities to affect that change.

“1E has over twenty years of expertise in automating endpoint issues in the most complex organizations, which makes us uniquely capable at solving digital experience issues. This distinctive competence is allowing us to act as a disruptor in a space where the legacy incumbents are overly focussed on highlighting the problems without solid technology to remediate them. Anyone interested in actually improving digital experience would be crazy not to try Tachyon Experience” said Sumir Karayi, CEO & Founder of 1E.

Sentiment, another key point of differentiation

The report also recognises the superiority of Tachyon Sentiment, a module focussed on gathering real user feedback on their digital experience and connecting it with the performance, stability and responsiveness metrics within Tachyon Experience. “Today’s leaders increasingly deliver sentiment analysis of qualitative feedback, improved root-cause analysis, and remediation directly in-product” says the report and recognises Tachyon Experience as being differentiated in both these areas.

A clear culture of rapid innovation

Tachyon Experience was introduced as an offering within the 1E Tachyon Platform in 2019. After a year in market, this report names 1E as a Strong Performer within this category and recognises Tachyon Experience as being clearly superior to the incumbents with respect to both end user sentiment and the ability to remediate experience issues.

“It is gratifying that this report recognises the impact of our culture of rapid innovation. In a remarkably short space of time, we have been able to leapfrog the competition and disrupt the space with our expertise in endpoint automation” says Rob Peterscheck, VP Product.

1E plans to invest heavily in Artificial Intelligence technologies to offer further technical differentiation in both root cause analysis and remediation. Peterscheck went on to say “We will continue to disrupt the legacy incumbents in this space by focusing on insights, automatic remediation, and deeper root cause analysis. We have a compelling roadmap and strong vision which will see us double down on AI; both home grown and integrating with existing AI in ServiceNow, Azure, and our partner spaces.”

A radical new commercial model

1E is further disrupting the Digital Experience space with a new, fairer way to buy software. Traditionally enterprise software is bought after a lab-based proof of concept or a limited pilot. “It’s a buyers’ market, yet conventional wisdom places all the risk sits with the buyer; This is why most enterprise software ends up as shelf ware” says Sean Mee, VP of Customer Success. 1E’s model flips this risk disparity on its head and allows full production rollout, adoption and proof of value before locking into a contract. “We believe our customers should see clear value before committing. That’s why we took the decision to offer professional services free of charge as part of this unique, inverted buying model” continued Mee.

To obtain a free copy of the Forrester Research, visit: https://info.1e.com/the-forrester-new-wave-report

For more information on 1E Tachyon Experience visit https://www.1e.com/solutions/digital-experience-monitoring-and-management/ or attend the WFA Conference on 17 & 18th November 2020: http://wfaconf.com

Statistics referenced throughout are taken from 1E’s latest research ‘The new digital workplace: employee experiences with universal remote working since COVID’. You can read the full research here: www.1E.com/wfa-research


About 1E

1E offers the only real-time remote endpoint automation solution that helps IT actively manage employee experience in real-time. Giving IT teams total control and visibility over all remote endpoints, Tachyon offers in-depth analytics to understand and improve the experience employees have with their endpoints and real-time, automatic remediation technology.


Amy Collins

VP Product Marketing, 1E