Get ready to mix the new with the old. Developers, dreamers and designers are invited to an exclusive event to create ideas for an ageing world.

Powered by later lifestyle specialists, Auriens, this 48-hour Hackathon (April 28-30) will enable the brightest minds to bring about the best new thinking for baby boomers and beyond.

This first-of-a-kind event is designed to challenge the conventions around old age and hack new ideas to improve the quality (and quantity!) of all aspects of later life for this generation and the
next. Considering everything from hospitality and healthcare to travel, fashion and retail, this event is expected to excel in creating age-defying ideas.

During the event, participants will be invited to consider imaginative solutions across three main themes:

1. Living

Imagining technology tools that will enrich a residential living environment, considering everything from ergonomic architecture to embedded technology, lifestyle and concierge services to healthcare, hospitality and wellbeing.

2. Caring

Devising dynamic ideas around the provision of care, from the perspectives of hospitality and technology.

3. Connecting

Considering avant garde solutions around technology that will enable residents to communicate with friends and family as well as staying connected to the world of business. Exploring the social side of life, imagining innovation across events, entertainment and relationships.

A team of mentors will be on hand throughout the process to inspire and advise participants.

PARTICIPANTS – WHO CAN TAKE PART? Auriens are encouraging a diverse range of people to take part, from developers and designers, to
marketers and innovators. And age is certainly not a barrier, later lifers are actively encouraged to
participate. Up to 70 participants are expected to take part in the event.
PRIZES An experienced jury will review and judge the ideas submitted during the event.
First prize: £5,000
Second prize: £2,000
Plus the potential reward of Idea Incubation.

Auriens is changing the face of ageing. A brand new healthtech and hospitality start-up Auriens
specializes in later life lux. Beginning with what will arguably be the world’s coolest old folks’ home,
located in the heart of Chelsea, Auriens has a vision to transform the traditional view of old age,
injecting vintage vitality in a market sector that more typically used to pipes and slippers.
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