Milton Keynes-based marketing automation startup,, has announced the launch of their crowdfunding campaign on the Seedrs equity crowdfunding platform as they seek to scale the business and take marketing automation mainstream.

Born and raised at the birthplace of modern computing, Bletchley Park, Kulea are seeking £150k to fund sales and marketing of their innovative SME marketing automation platform, and for the first time, have opened up investment to the crowd.

“ have a proven pedigree and access to a large network of investors that make them the clear choice for businesses looking to scale quickly,”said Kulea CEO, Chris Rodbourne. “We’re excited to be able to welcome members of the public into Team Kulea, and have them own their own slice of the future of digital marketing.”

Since their inception in December 2014, Kulea have successfully raised £365k of Seed funds from experienced angel investors and MarTech industry experts, including JustEat chairman John Hughes and former MD of Experian’s cross channel marketing division, Simon Martin.

In January 2017, the company confirmed a valuation of £2m, and are set to continue an upward trajectory with a £2.2m valuation in their upcoming raise, in return for 6.38% equity.

Kulea describe themselves as “doing for marketing automation what Mailchimp does for email marketing”, with a user friendly and affordable marketing automation platform aimed squarely at the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) market.

“We got fed up listening to tales of big businesses with deep pockets realising the benefits of marketing automation technology, whilst small businesses fell by the wayside,” explained former ‘B2B Marketer of the year’ and Kulea CMO, Andrew Nicholson. “Kulea provides an affordable and user friendly alternative, that does away with the complexity and cost of modern marketing automation solutions.”

The Kulea platform provides a one-stop-shop SaaS digital marketing tool kit, encompassing email, landing page and form personalisation, as well as advanced segmentation, analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and tracking tools that combine to take the pain out of digital marketing.

The Seedrs campaign will open to the public on Friday 2nd May, and the company have already confirmed pledges of £47k from their £150k campaign target.


About Nomad Ai /

Formed in December 2014 by CEO Chris Rodbourne and CMO Andrew Nicholson, Nomad Ai (company number 09350222) is the UK based parent company of marketing automation platform, Kulea removes barriers to entry for SMEs, making feature rich marketing automation accessible for the first time with a solution so easy your nan could use it, at a price significantly lower than competitors.