London, 1st August 2017: Innovative new mobile app Instantt is a brand new food-ordering service with a mission to end queuing for its rapidly growing user base. At its core Instantt believes in empowering its users by enabling them to make the most out of their time by engineering an intuitive, user-friendly virtual queuing technology to search for and order the best local food in London.

As the world goes digital and with the average UK lunch-break standing at just 20-minutes, Instantt doesn’t believe people should have to ‘physically’ queue for anything. Once an order is made, Instantt places users in a virtual queue and gives them an ‘instantt’ real-time ETA for when their order will be ready for collection. Its uniquely optimised dashboard incorporates a fitbit step emulator to calculate how many steps a user will need to walk when picking up their order, providing an even more precise order-ahead service. Push-notifications alert users when the app is minimised.

Available on the App Store & Google Play, Instantt makes use of the latest GPS innovations to locate the phones nearest merchants; and through machine-learning technology will curate local services to allow its customers to discover the best premium food around them.

Instantt’s recommendation service is perceptive and quickly adapts to the tastes and habits of its users. The app caters to all dietary requirements and prioritises restaurants based on user’s prerequisites. To ensure a smooth service, Instantt works closely with each restaurant when on-boarding a menu and through close collaboration can uniquely offer a customisable order-ahead system in fewer than two clicks.

Instantt also stamps out the need for customers to waste time with cash, offering secure in-app purchasing, as well as a credit system to reward its loyal users (“iCredits”). Furthermore, Instantt’s newly launched web ordering service also allows its customers to easily order from their desktops via:

Fixated on offering the best in fresh food Instantt has partnered with a diverse and fast-growing number of restaurants in and around London. Instantt’s mission is to eliminate the guesswork when ordering food through a device, ensuring its users are only recommended the highest quality food available. Early partners include Café Brera, Protein Haus, Zest, CHICK, Moi An, Kruger, Garbanzos and many more across London.

Instantt has also partnered with The Pecking Order at Barnet Football Club and will shortly be going live at The Hive at Barnet Stadium. Additionally, Instantt is in talks with a number of leading restaurants at Westfield Stratford, Brent Cross Shopping Centre, as well as various Hotel chains and Stadiums across London.

Vikas Sharma, Instantt founder & CEO: “People hate to queue and so do we! We believe Instantt can solve this problem by providing a unique and intuitive service that empowers people to easily order the best in fresh food on-the-go. We get a real buzz knowing that we have users picking up their morning coffee while on their way to work without wasting a minute in a queue.”

Instantt looks to attract tens of thousands of new users and to partner with hundreds of restaurants across London by the end of this year.