Eight agencies, from five continents, specialising in Financial Technology (“Fintech”) PR, have joined forces to form the Global Fintech PR Network.

The Global FinTech PR Network is the world’s first network of PR agencies specialising in financial technology – or ‘FinTech’. The new network so far consists of eight independent PR agencies, based on five continents, all sharing the same dedicated focus in delivering high-quality PR, communications and strategic advisory services to clients in the FinTech industry around the world.

The network enables member agencies to offer their local clients a global perspective on the fast-moving FinTech industry. It is also an efficient platform for collaborative servicing of clients operating across geographies and to help organisations within the FinTech space:

– gain a truly global perspective across diverse audiences
– work with leading agency specialists in each locality

The idea for the network originated in Copenhagen earlier this year with the partners behind Norfico – the first dedicated FinTech advisory and PR agency in the Nordics (Kristian T. Sørensen and Michael Juul Rugaard). Their effort to establish the network quickly became a global project once they had identified and reached out to like-minded agencies from other geographies, all of which welcomed the initiative. From the outset, industry knowledge was key to agency selection, with Michael Juul Rugaard saying “We firmly believe that the key to creating real value for our customers is to specialise and maintain deep industry knowledge. It becomes especially evident in highly sophisticated and complex industries like FinTech.”

The founding PR agencies are based in London, Austin, Copenhagen, New York, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, and Tel Aviv, and the network is expected to expand further, both in terms of member agencies and geographical coverage.

List of founding members of The Global FinTech PR Network:

London: MD Consulting (www.mdconsulting.com)
Austin, Texas: Manzer Communications (www.manzercommunications.com)
Copenhagen: Norfico (www.norfico.net)
New York: Vested (www.fullyvested.com)
Sao Paulo: Nobiletec (www.nobiletec.com)
Singapore: Bowlah PR (www.bowlah.com)
Sydney: Honner (www.honner.com.au)
Tel Aviv: Spicetree Communications (www.spicetreecom.com)

Martina Doherty, Managing Director at London-based MD Consulting, says:

“PR & Marketing professionals can sometimes struggle implementing campaigns outside of their ‘home’ geography – after all, we have spent our careers building up relationships locally. However, when clients operate their businesses across geographies, they often expect PR and marketing campaigns to mirror that.

“Through membership of this network, agencies will be able to offer clients an improved level of service outside their ‘home’ geography, safe in the knowledge that there are partner agencies within the network ready to advise, assist and share relationships when needed. This is not only a good thing for member agencies – it is a benefit to clients.”

Please also visit the network’s website at www.globalfintechprnetwork.com