Chelsea FC, one of the world’s most popular football teams, has signed a deal with Stayfilm, a film-making app and networking platform launching in the UK. The new platform will give fans the opportunity to connect and interact with fellow Chelsea FC followers from around the world.

The Stayfilm app, which is available as a free download on Android and iOS, allows people to create high-quality, shareable movies in around two minutes. Stayfilm has already built ‘channels’ with the likes of Disney, Marvel and Pixar.

The new custom-built Chelsea FC channel can be seen at Using the app, fans will now be able to use their own images and videos, combined with The Club’s unique branding to automatically create a short movie that can also be shared on social media. The style features exclusive images of the main players and the stadium, as well as the iconic lion logo and the team’s blue banners.

With hundreds of millions of supporters worldwide, this app and channel will help connect Chelsea FC fans in the far corners of the globe.

“We have partnered with this amazing team so that global fans can share their Chelsea love with one another,” said Douglas Almeida, Stayfilm’s CEO, “Football is a sport that has brought people together for generations, and we hope to be part of that legacy.”

For the fans, this is a fun, slick app that is more permanent than a quick Snap or a Vine: “Although me and my friends don’t live in the UK, we love the fact that we can show our passion for Chelsea FC alongside British fans through this app! Come on the blues!” says Tomas Monteiro, a Chelsea FC fan from Brazil.