The greetings card market is ripe for disruption as an innovative, digital music greetings package company called JiveBird sits in the wings, set to cause major disruption to the market and shake it up.

Figures provided by the Greetings Card Association estimate the greetings card market to be worth £1.7 billion in the UK and state that estimated figures indicate that the digital market share stands at the surprisingly low figure of only 5% offering an exciting opportunity for JiveBIrd.

JiveBird is poised to seize the opportunity that it has identified and to grab a big slice of the online greetings card and eGift market and attract users to the market with the brand new technology which it has developed.

The innovative technology, which is wholly owned by JiveBird, enables consumers to create a personalized musical greetings package which can be sent as a telephone call, text or email via a PC, Smartphone App, Laptop or Tablet to a mobile phone or online. It aims to replace the traditional greeting card and will eventually enter the online e Gift market which according to the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association Summary 2014 the annual UK gift market is worth £5 billion for gifts at under £10.

The consumer offer also includes a personal voice message linked to a selected song, an e Card or e Photo card plus a text where one can play the greeting again or can download a permanent copy of a JiveBird greeting. The company claims a JiveBird is much more personal than a card, cheaper and easier to send, with a song for every occasion from its database of tens of thousands of recordings, to which it has negotiated exclusive IP rights.

JiveBird CEO Paul Lynton advised, “We have established an exceptional and resilient team behind the business and they have pulled together to achieve an amazing product. No one else has the complete fully-digital JiveBird package – not Funky Pigeon, Moonpig or Hallmark. JiveBird aims to make its mark on the industry and seize the opportunity that lies before it!”