When you are doing outreach, you must offer something of value to your readers. You might publish greatly insightful content, but why should anyone read it? If they read your content, they are choosing to accept the opportunity of not devoting that time to something else. So unless your readers are learning something new from your content, your outreach campaign will not be a success.

Expand your Network

What is the point of outreach? If you have a website and accounts on social media, you have many followers. When you share something, everyone who is connected with you via these mediums will see what you have to say.

But when you outreach, you get a chance to introduce yourself to someone else’s follower base. But before you do any outreach, you should first pick the channels you would like to leverage. Trying to target all the available channels will not do any good. You will be wasting a lot of time and money.

Sales Outreach Tips

If the purpose of your outreach campaign is to increase your conversion (newsletter signup) and sales, you should leverage the already existing marketing funnel on your website. Send your prospects emails about the new feature upgrades and new product launches. But always make sure that emails contain all necessary CTA links that you want as the next step on your desired marketing funnel.

If you want a reader to visit your landing page after reading your email, place a CTA with your link, with a nice and catchy label. On the other hand, if you want your readers to signup for your weekly newsletter, you should place a CTA on your landing page that urges your site visitors to fill up a newsletter signup form.

If you do not have a solid email list, use contact information finder like Signalhire. It is an online marketing tool that lets you dig out valid contact information about your potential recipients. After you have found their valid email addresses, you can send bulk emails using this same tool as well.

Social Media Influence

None can deny the power of social media. According to a report, there are currently 2.7 Billion users on Facebook. The user-base for other popular social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn is quite the same.

If you want to find the contact details of your LinkedIn connections, you can use the LinkedIn email Extractor feature of Signalhire online tool. A smart marketer cannot afford to miss out on social media for its outreach content. Moreover, as a byproduct of your social media outreach campaign, you will see your social proof reservoir increase in the form of comments, likes, shares, mentions, and so on.

You will be happy when you see many positive reviews on your social posts. But you should also expect many negative ones. Don’t ignore them. If a follower complains about a feature, leave a comment acknowledging his concerns, and tell him how you plan on improving the situation.

Dividing Your Target Market Segment

Thanks to the internet, almost every business today has a global user-base. This is a good sign. Businesses can now reach out to millions of people, whereas end consumers can now buy premium products. But you must categorize your target market. Otherwise, you will fail to address your audience in outreach campaigns.

The first criterion by which you can categorize your market segment is the time-zone. Depending on the time-zone, you can tweak when you should publish your next blog for the highest engagement. For instance, most people will have spare time to read your content after they have come back from their work. But deepening on the time zone, this time can vary from your standard time.

Age is the second criterion. Different people have different responsibilities in life. People who work 9-5 might not have the spare time that a teenager would have. Think who has the purchasing power and plan your outreach campaign accordingly.

You might target a high-earning market segment for your premium products. Similarly, you might be better off targeting a lower-income market tier for your moderately priced products.

The last factor to consider is the past purchasing behavior of your target segment. If a buyer has been ordering the same product at a constant quantity, you should tailor your outreach content so that those buyers can relate most with your content.

Making Your Content Entertaining

Your readers might miss out on something big if they ignore your outreach emails. But you cannot force them to read your outreach blogs and open your outreach emails. You need to keep it entertaining so that your readers keep on reading until the very end.

Use a catchy subject line for your email. Readers are more likely to open emails with nice subject and preview lines. Before you publish your outreach content, make sure you create the hype. Make your buyers anticipate. You can create a buzz by publishing a teaser video that gives a short peek into your next outreach content.

Try and use your outreach content to portray your product or service as exclusive. Everyone likes to buy products that are limited edition. Don’t forget to differentiate your product from other regular products.

Along with keeping your sentences short and using only simple words, you should try experimenting with emojis. These digital stickers are a great way to express a certain feeling that you might fail to deliver using only plain text.

Along with running your outreach campaign, you should try and motivate others to run an outreach campaign for your product. But why would they do it? What is in it for them? To incentivize people to help you with their outreach campaign, you can introduce a simple affiliate program. Almost every online product has one. Moreover, Amazon, the biggest online retailer, has one.

If you haven’t heard about affiliate programs, read a couple of blogs, and come up with your plan. Pick an affiliate payout tier, payment methods, and consider who can become an affiliate.

The last thing you need is patience. Be optimistic, and try to figure out the flaws in your campaign. This way, you can keep improving yourself and increasing the conversion.