What’s a “Dietary supplement”?

Well, dietary supplements are food products designed to “supplement” the every day diet. You can find in it, in particular, but not exclusively: amino acids, essential fatty acids, fibres and extracts of vegetable origin, both single and multi-compound, in pre-dosed forms “.

Dietary supplements are foods presented in small consumption units such as capsules, tablets, ampoules, and the like. They are characterized as concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with a “physiological” effect that do not have a purpose of treatment, that is the exclusive prerogative of drugs; because they are designed and proposed to favour the regular performance of specific functions or the normality of specific parameters in the body functional or to reduce disease risk factors. The use of supplements, to be safe and suitable for specific individual needs, must be done in a conscious and informed manner about their function and the value of the effects performed. It needs to be done without contradicting the need to safeguard correct eating habits and behaviours that are part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

PiLeJe Industries are leaders in in dietary supplements in France. It’s a French manufacturer of food supplements. Industrial expert and specialist in plants, micronutrition and probiotics for more than 30 years, PiLeJe Industries develops, manufactures, and packages food supplements for the nutraceutical markets.

To promote health in each of us, maintaining it for as long as possible or even restoring it, is the vocation of Pileje through what its founder, dr. Christian Leclerc calls it “health medicine”.

This concept is based on the fact that, for each of us, there is an optimal physiological state, which promotes the basis of the appearance of pathologies and of life. Its goal is to encourage the individual to strive as much as possible for the optimal physiological state, to improve the health of all in a lasting way.

In doing this, we consider the existence of intermediate states between health and disease, of the person as an object but also an active subject of consultation and of medicine in its most distinctly preventive version.

Pileje develops and manufactures the products it offers. They contain components, ingredients, or raw materials, preferably of natural origin. To ensure the safety of the dosages and the stability of the products, quality controls are carried out at every stage of development and during the life of the product.

This “quality approach” pursues a main objective: to guarantee the consumer the quality and safety of the products he uses.

Criteria obtained through the implementation of rigorous and reproducible systems.

PiLeJe is the story of a group of people who started a project that, at the beginning, might have seemed counter-current and unrealistic but which has established itself over time.

The success of PiLeJe is the success of this group, which has been able to unite around common goals, values and ethics.

After about 30 years, their policy hasn’t changed. Today they realize that their initial idea is in line with the evolution of medical practices.