The New Technology Behind Online Casinos 

Different forms of technology now govern our lives to an extent that would have seemed unthinkable just 20 years ago. Young people in particular have never known anything other than a tech-driven society. 

They spend much of their lives online, whether it is via a computer or a mobile phone. Everything from work and everyday communications to leisure activities like listening to music or playing games has now largely moved to the digital space. 

Gaming is now almost entirely an online thing. Whether it is action and fantasy PC games or casinos where people play for cash, it has adapted easily to the age of technology. 

Here we are going to look specifically at the tech that is driving online casinos. 

What are the New Technologies Behind Casinos? 

From the very start, the online casino sector has embraced the ability of technology to keep it ahead of the gaming competition and improve the user experience. Up until fairly recently that process has largely been about four things: 

  • New games (most notably themed slots) 
  • Enhanced security features 
  • Game improvement tech (for example random number generator software to guarantee the fairness of slot and bingo games) 
  • Mobile apps complete with customised web designs for those devices 

Now however there are new forms of technology that are taking the industry in exciting and fresh directions. These are some of the key developments that are happening within this industry. 

Live Casino 

Live casino is an attempt to combine the best elements of both online and land-based casinos. It involves live video streams connecting players to real-life blackjack dealers or poker tournaments, capturing the social quality of visiting a land-based casino without sacrificing the convenience of online ones. It has quickly become very popular and some of the most trusted sites now offer the chance play live casino. 

Live casino undoubtedly makes playing table games such as poker or blackjack online feel more exciting and less isolating. It will always be more enjoyable when other human beings are part of the experience. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality 

These two technologies are seen by many within the casino industry as the latest big things. They are not yet in widespread use at online casinos, but they are coming. 

When they do, they have the potential to transform the experience for players. Augmented reality is a technology that adds virtual elements to the real world, whereas virtual reality takes that one step further. 

It creates an immersive digital landscape that appears every bit as real as the world we live in. Virtual reality could enable players to feel like they are playing at a top Las Vegas or Monte Carlo casino when they are actually sitting in their living rooms. 

Everything from the luxury casino itself to the views outside the window would seem totally real as long as they were wearing their VR headsets. It is a casino tech game-changer that could entirely blur the distinction between playing at a land-based or online casino. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence – or AI for short – is something that casinos are already making considerable use of. It is a big part of the games that are on offer at the sites, to make sure that the actions undertaken by those playing the games correspond with the ones they are meant to take. 

AI makes sure that the computer or mobile that the casino visitor is playing on guides them to the appropriate next step in the game. It is also a form of technology that can help to make the actual experience of playing at an online casino seem a bit more real and less like a simulation. 

It is easy to see how all of that would make the experience of playing casino games better, but there are other ways that AI is helping to improve online casino. Many of these sites now have something that is known as an AI assistant, which does everything from highlighting games players may like to providing help and advice. 

These AI assistants also guard against fraudulent behaviour, helping to maintain security. That makes AI another key tech development for online casinos. 

These are the new technologies that are shaping both the present and the future for casino gaming. The emergence of virtual and augmented reality means that this activity could take another big leap forward before very long.