Technology Trends That Could Offer Future Career Opportunities

While this site has previously looked at tech trends for 2022 with an emphasis on Web 3, the Metaverse, and NFTs, today’s technology is evolving at a rapid pace. While these tech trends continue to be in the public eye and generate headlines, it is worth looking at the direction of tech today in order to stay current and be aware of the work being done with emerging technologies. Professionals in any field need to realise that through technology their role will not remain the same and tomorrow’s world tomorrow requires us to learn new skills. These are the two technology trends you should keep an eye on and the skills you’ll need to know to maintain job security in the future.


In simple terms, blockchain is data you add to but cannot take away from and the inability to alter the previous blocks makes it so secure without needing a delegated third-party to supervise transactions. With supply chain management, blockchain delivers permanent record-keeping with transparency at each stage of the process as verification of transactions is communicated by numerous supply chain companions, resulting in a system that provides the instant status of a product being delivered. Using blockchain technology in cyber security makes it easier to avert malicious hacker attacks thanks again to the peer-to-peer connections where it is not possible to alter or tamper with data.

People generally think of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies when they consider blockchain technology. This is natural as the need for high security goes hand-in-hand with anything of monetary value, and many relevant industries have now embraced blockchain technology. It is especially relevant in the entertainment and leisure industry, where a lot of money changes hands on a daily basis. For example, the online casino industry has wholeheartedly embraced the additional security, which is evident in the deposit options. A look at any major gambling hub such as online casinos NJ offers reveals multiple secure deposit options, including cryptocurrencies like Skrill and Neteller at trusted brands like 888 and Casumo.

Similarly, the retail sector is increasingly adopting blockchain to give consumers more payment options. But the application of blockchain technology isn’t limited to crypto. It also makes supply and demand more streamlined, we can see this in our retail sector example as well as food safety, logistics and healthcare. Given the reach and potential blockchain has, now could be a good time to move into the blockchain industry. But the requirements include an excellent understanding of the technology, proficiency in at least one high-level programming language, and knowledge of distributed systems, smart contracts and peer-to-peer networking would be advantageous. While there are many big-hitters in the industry, looking at blockchain startups, as well as fintech could be the key to career development in this sector.

Computer generated reality
Image Credit: Pixabay

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are expected to be further integrated into our lives and AR and VR applications are constantly being discussed, though primarily the discussion is about gaming. However, AR and VR have tremendous potential not just in entertainment, but also in training, marketing, and injury rehabilitation. VR training pushes learners to acquire new skills and encounter true-to-life scenarios minus the real-world consequences or risks. At the most basic level, injury rehabilitation specialists are using VR to allow recovering patients to enter a virtual environment that is more pleasing when exercising painful and injured limbs, but there are many more applications that are being explored and developed daily.

The AR and VR market is expected to grow globally creating more opportunities for professionals seeking to enter this trending technology. The good news is that while optical technicians and engineers are in demand, anyone with basic programming skills and a mind invested in the future could find an opportunity to find gainful employment in this sector. For example, in marketing, the Pepsi Max Unbelievable Bus Shelter caught people’s attention on New Oxford Street and could soon become the norm on every high street. Campaigns like this becoming standard would open up further vacancies and opportunities for those in the sector. The future is full of potential and we can’t wait to see what happens next in the mercurial world of blockchain.