Software for betting platforms online — new GR8 Tech products and features for sportsbooks

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During the launching or upgrading process betting platforms can use the ready-to-use tools from GR8 Tech. These are simple, but effective solutions for sportsbooks of any that can be implemented without any specific knowledge or experience. With 20 years of experience in GR8 have enough knowledge to share with young platforms to help them increase the profit in a few simple steps. All components and settings can be easily customized due to the specific local needs and business goals. GR8 Tech clients can be sure that they will have access to high-quality betting software online and an impressive selection of available sports to add to the betting line. Customizable components were divided into a few main packages for launching, operating, and upgrading packages.

GR8 Tech tools characteristics and advantages for business — why use these products on your platform?

GR8 Tech promises that the total number of available events in the betting line on some days will be over 25,000, and that is one of the highest indicators on the market. Before the company offered its services on limited markets, but now its products are also available globally. In the GR8 Tech portfolio 15 successful global projects, which is a great start for sure. Here are some main reasons for such results:


  • fully customized design and interface components;
  • simple implementation and daily updates;
  • exclusive access to the Education center and numerous training manuals;
  • quick resolutions of any issues and special offers for the trial period;
  • multiple payment gateways with access to the local currencies;
  • a wide multiple payment gateways;
  • special packages for launching and upgrading betting platforms!


GR8 Tech products for sportsbooks online have a module structure that ensures its simplicity and high effectiveness.

When to use GR8 components — main tips to find the best tools for new and well-known platforms

When is the best time to use the turnkey solutions? Investors and owners of the existing platforms can use GR8 Tech components when they only start their business from scratch or if they need to modernize their website and get the first results in the shortest period. To make that process easier and faster for businesses GR8 Tech offers two packages — Launch and Upgrade. Components of each of these packages were selected due to the latest betting trends and players’ needs. That means by selecting any of these packages businesses can get effective tools for specific goals achievement.


The Upgrade package with numerous tools for existing platforms can be useful for businesses that are looking for effective solutions to their issues with low user engagement. Also, they can be activated for fast modernization of the platform and its services. In this case, the business will achieve its goals faster and with a lower budget. The components of this package are customizable so any platform can use them effectively.