People today want everything, now! 


A business or service that can’t keep up won’t survive.

Starting with social media platforms that deliver entertainment and social engagement instantly, all the way to retailers offering increasingly speedy shipping.

No time to wait

Companies have to hook clients in real-time and reel them to the shopping cart as quickly as possible or risk losing them forever.  This is a moment in time for E-commerce where it’s truly do or die. 

Moreover, customers love to feel like they’re shopping smart. The customer wants high-quality products and will go to great lengths to sneak a discount or special offer wherever they can find one. 

The pickle that retailers are in is the question “how do I offer high-quality products for as little  as possible while getting it to the customer instantly?” How they tackle this question will determine if they can stay profitable and relevant in the near future. 

This is where Disco comes in to save the day. #DiscoMagic . 

We present to you the Disco extension, a renewed commitment to savvy shoppers. The Covid-19 pandemic created a boom year for E-commerce and caused a seismic disruption for retailers. A great struggle for many but also an opportunity. We want to change the way customers think of E-commerce.

Starting July 1st 2021, a new way of delivering instant savings will become the norm and Disco will be the one to deliver it when it launches as a Chrome browser extension.

Online shoppers will just need to register and connect their cards to begin saving money instantly. The days of scouring google and shady scam sites for coupons and special offers will be gone forever.  

Following the initial launch on Chrome, there will be a diversified access launch, where Disco will reveal its Firefox and Edge extensions, before the Fall season. 

Disco caters to consumers who value their time and money. Customers who want to squeeze the most out of their shopping experience. A picky breed to be sure but loyal if treated well. Disco’s look and feel is up to date and streamlined to enhance the experience and make it less of a chore.  We’ve doubled down on efforts to meet the evolving needs of smart shoppers in a post-pandemic world. Delivering unique offers and an easy and fun experience.

Mobile is the future of everything

Disco is ready to face challenges.Shopper.com released a poll earlier in the year stating that only 30% of Americans use browser extensions to get discounts, while Brits are lower at 15%.This would be a problem for most, but what we see is a vast market that can be expanded into. Increasing awareness and simplifying the sign-up process would create a whole new group of customers. 

Shop.com says apps are the preferred method of seeking discounts for most customers. However, They lack the flexibility and ease  of use of an extension like Disco. Apps usually focus on a single brand or product, Disco offers discounts for all affiliates. Apps need to be accessed to apply discounts, Disco applies discounts automatically to your cart. 

Perfect time to moon your profits.

Many retailers might be hesitant to use a service like Disco, third party discounts can eat into  profits. However, Disco is a valuable service because we are specially designed to facilitate upselling. When a retailer offers a discount here or a coupon there, customers will find they have a lot more money left in their account than expected. A lesson Vegas learnt years ago was that customers are actually more likely to keep spending when they think they’re ahead. Shoppers will come back to buy an additional item or something more expensive instead of cashing out with a discount.

Shopper.com said that “1 in 5 consumers would ask a store for a refund if they missed out on a discount they were qualified for”. If you ignore this segment of the public, you’re just throwing money away. 

Disco creates guaranteed discounts that trigger on every purchase made. This keeps the customers happy. The retailers benefit because they don’t have to worry about creating deals and making sure they’re visible. Consistency is the key, this is the mantra we try to operate by. When customers can get a discount on their items by simply turning on our extension, it’s hard to underestimate how much of a game changer that is.

Want to learn more about the Disco extension?
Head over to : https://www.getdisco.com/