Key Considerations for Planning to Age in Place

For almost anyone, having the opportunity to age in place is ideal. Many older adults fear the loss of their independence and personal space, and as they grow older being able to remain in their own homes is a way to combat the other elements that are more out of their control. However the truth is, if your home does not move with you into the later phase of life, this might not be possible.

Your best bet is to start planning early. Thinking about what elements of your home need to be changed or updated to accommodate you as your age should definitely begin before the need arises. This can be helpful for many reasons, but the main one is simply that with thorough planning, time is on your side. Some adults have resided in their homes for decades and even the most organized spaces always have more than you’d think stuffed away in closets, basements, and garages. A thoughtful plan of attack means less stress overall.


Regardless of age, you need to be able to move around your home freely and safely to have it function properly for you. In terms of aging in place for many people that means living on one level or eliminating the need for stairs when possible. A home lift can be a good solution for people who have multi-level dwellings that they hope to stay in. Reputable companies will have plenty of options that can match any house design, owner preference, and most importantly, budget.

Since this is a major purchase and renovation, do not cut any corners. Researching brands and models and utilizing a home lifts comparison site can highlight the options for you and actually end up being less expensive than you might expect without having to sacrifice quality. Many think that installing a home lift has to happen when a home is being built but that is simply not true. There are models that can be added to existing interiors with respect to current structures that will create better mobility around the home while looking like a piece of the home that has been there from the start.

Another mobility related change to consider is how you will get in and out of your home should you become physical unable to climb even one step. Ramps are an excellent solution. You can add a ramp to the entry points of your home for an affordable price and this will ensure that even if you become wheelchair bound you can still go in and out of your home.

Health Precautions

The air you breathe inside your home is critical in your overall health. When you are breathing in air that is not pure day in and day out, you put yourself as risk for a whole slew of health problems. Using hospital grade air purifiers mitigates many of those potential risks. These air cleaning systems work at a medical level with an excellent efficacy rate. Featuring cHEPA filters you can expect this product to be ten times more effective than comparable HEPA air purifiers with a HEPA filter. The air in your home effects everything from your lungs to your eyes, to your skin, and the only way to get a handle on the cleanest possible air for your aging body is to use medical air purifiers.

Using the Bathroom and Other Daily Habits

Arguably one of the quickest and most stressful ways for an adult to feel like their independence and dignity are being taken from them, is to need assistance in the bathroom. It is fair to assume that you are going to want to be able to be alone and in that room with as much privacy later in life that you have become accustomed to as an able-bodied person. Installing special walk in showers for seniors is something to think about, as well as handrails next to the toilet so that you do not have to rely on anyone to help you lift or lower your body.

What about your other daily habits? Likely you cook and do various chores throughout the day so start to make a list and then room by room go through and determine where you can make changes to create ease. Laundry is a great example. Are your washer and dryer located in areas of your home that make sense for you mobility wise? Are your everyday items being stored in places that are easy to access in your kitchen to prevent the need to be using step stools or lifting heavy objects later in life? These are good jumping off points to consider.