ITIL Certification Vs. Scrum Master In 2021

The ITIL® certified professionals are reasonably high in demand as they possess the skill to transform the business and help it grow. The ITIL® certification demonstrates that the person is educated in IT service management best practices. Aligning IT with business and utilising processes, terminology, and methods standard in modern times can save time, reduce waste and help IT avoid costly rework. The framework is maintained and owned by Axelos, which supports the accrediting training and examination institutes. The training helps ensure that IT professionals know best practices and solutions in the IT service management situation and understands the framework. It assists in improving the IT operation and life cycle in enterprises or organisations. Along with it, it helps to reduce the cost while improving the IT service.

While a scrum master is a team member who ensures that the software development team is provided with a productive and effective work environment to conduct and complete their projects successfully, they also guide others to understand values, beliefs, and practices. They tend to be people-oriented, have a solid understanding of the team members, and find joy in helping others grow. The certified person can provide the professionals with values of Scrum®, accountability, team performance, and iterative progress. After passing the certification exam, the professionals get awarded the (SMC®) certification by SCRUMstudy™.

Some of the significant differences between ITIL Certification Vs Scrum Master In 2021 are as follows: –

  1. Certification

The ITIL® certification is for people who want to enhance the quality of IT service by understanding and learning the concept of frameworks. In comparison, the Scrum master certification aims to provide people with awareness about software development strategies, values and methodologies.

  1. Goals

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a service management framework designed to improve the overall lifecycle of IT (information technology) within an enterprise or business. It is designed to standardise the selection, delivery, planning, and improve service management. It allows optimisation of customer and organisation value by improving efficiency and achieving predictable service delivery. On the other hand, the Scrum Master is the one woman/man think tank responsible for ensuring team values, morals and making software development possible. In short, their responsibility includes establishing a suitable and safe work environment by clearing the hurdle and facilitating the smooth completion of the project. The team leader is the glue that holds the pieces of the project and joins them as it nears completion.

  1. Salary

Both certifications are pretty in demand and paid, depending on their skills. The Average salary of ITIL® professionals in the US is between $80,000 to $130,000 per annum based on the level of certification. The average salary for a Scrum Master in the United States is $97,776 per year.

  1. Project Management

The ITIL-certified professional is not involved in project management as the certification does not provide a full-fledged explanation of all aspects of Project Management. In contrast, the Scrum master is not the project manager. But they are responsible for managing the framework in the software development team by reminding the team members of the principles and beliefs. They are accountable for helping people and creating an environment to help the team deliver the project in the stipulated time. To improve the organisation’s efficiency, they are responsible for coaching their team and is not held accountable for the loss of the project. They are also involved in project Management as they help organisations or enterprises remove obstacles that may halt the work.

  1. Agile Development

Agile is a bunch of practices that aim to provide speedy software delivery. In the certification, ITIL® is an IT framework that focuses on process rather than practice. At the same time, the Scrum Master acts as a facilitator for agile development, as they manage the practices to align their team, in accordance with agile principle, at the same time working on the process for how information is exchanged. They are also sometimes called an agile coach. They facilitate the larger team’s strategies, values, and practices by following the software product development framework and remaining open to improving their workflow.

  1. Benefits

ITIL provides the benefit and framework to collaborate within information technology teams to deliver and grow across the business to gain optimal value from IT and digital services. The training certification allows more substantial alignment between IT and business by improving service delivery and customer satisfaction. Millions of practitioners rely on the global standard and one of the best IT practices to run their IT operations. In comparison, the team leader provides the benefit to ensure smooth, agile implementation and team collaboration. It helps attain the Scrum® principles and skills by advancing in your career. And it will allow the certified person to become a part of the Experts Community. With a certification, you can become an Agile coach, senior master, product owner, and team leader, which allows you to earn more money and improve your team collaboration and management skills.


The Scrum master helps ensure that the product is in good shape in each sprint and is a team leader. The team coach is responsible for championing a project. They belong to the same agile team they are leading. They are a unique Agile team member who helps other members cooperate, communicate, and coordinate by establishing a shared work environment; the agile coach assists the team in meeting their required goals in the stipulated time by resolving conflict and removing impediments facilitating daily meetings. In comparison, the ITIL exhibits that you are educated in service management best practices and designed to deliver the overall lifecycle of IT services like planning, delivery, maintenance within a business. As we are nearing, it’s pretty clear that it helps support the organisation or individual and gain values from digital service. The certification is PS organisations and individuals gain advantages from IT and digital services. In contrast, the Scrum Master serves the product owner by establishing an environment and understanding the need for clear and concise backlog items.