IMPT will be released on CEX next week – 5 reasons to buy early now and make HUGE gains


After a special presale, IMPT has shown many reasons to buy early now and make huge gains. During the presale, it was an attractive crypto project that investors have been looking at as a sustainable and potentially productive token that will bring massive profits in the long term.

As the currency relies on green projects supported by numerous trustworthy brands, the experts have expected impressive gains in value. The predictions and expectations have come true, especially after the currency was listed on CEX lists and represented as a trustworthy IEO token for safe investing.

The presale is live and almost at the end, so you can buy it for a low price and get the benefits of early investment. However, the presale should end on 11th December, while IMPT will be listed on the decentralized exchange Uniswap and centralized exchanges LBank and Changelly Pro.

As this new project will list three different exchanges next week, consider the potential of returning even 50x on its initial value. According to experts, this gain will likely happen by 2030. So, you should consider investing in this currency while its value is at an all-time low. Let’s see the reasons to buy early IMPT and make impressive gains in the long term.

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Why is IMPT a project with huge potential?

With IMPT, you can reduce your carbon footprint and make an impact while benefiting from multiple rewards. Once the presale ends, buyers can claim their purchased IMPT and then buy, sell, and retire carbon credits with the IMPT.io platform. Those carbon credits are minted into NFTs, so you can be sure that no fraudulent activities will be allowed. The use of the blockchain ensures a stable and transparent ecosystem that addresses environmental challenges most efficiently.

IMPT relies on its blockchain technology, recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. The users can accumulate the IMPT tokens until they reach the necessary amount for their projects. All the above and much more prove that IMPT has an amazingly high potential to gain your investment quickly. We have listed five reasons to buy early now and make huge gains, so let’s see why it is the most payable option to invest.

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Supporting the eco-friendly projects

People have become more conscious of their carbon footprint in the past decade. Businesses and individuals increasingly invest in regenerative projects to nurture positive brand recognition. Carbon offset is fast-growing in mandatory and volunteer sections. The value is around $271 billion and $2 billion, respectively, as of 2021. The experts expect exceptional 128% growth and hitting $50 billion by 2050.

Unfortunately, most Web3 carbon offsetting platforms still need to make a lasting impact. The lack of focus on usability has caused this failure. It is the point when IMPT makes the change. IMPT lowers the technical carbon offset barrier for crypto and non-crypto users. Now you can trade on the IMPT marketplace easily.

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Investing in trustworthy companies and organizations

One of the primary goals of IMPT developers and blockchain is eliminating double-counting band fraud, and every company benefits from that. Blockchain makes use of distributed ledger so all networks’ users can participate. Users cannot spend what they have twice or spend more than their balance.

The industry generates revenue from transparent and secure records thanks to the tokenization of carbon assets. Organizations and companies acquire official certificates you can use as verified proof of carbon offset initiatives. The currency is also supported by an inflexible blockchain transaction that anyone can view. Users can be sure that IMPT uses only trustworthy and transparent companies and investing methods.

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It is bringing thousands of retailers on board as partners in its program

The list of the brands and companies that have invested in and supported IMPT is amazingly long and diverse. You will see Amazon as one of the most popular technology brands, such as Samsung and Microsoft. There are famous fashion brands like River Island and Harry Brown, as well as recent additions TripAdvisor, Dyson, AEG, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Dominos, Lego, and others. The list is very long and enlarges every day. As many investors back IMPT, you should not miss the chance to become one of its investors and benefit from it.

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Including NFT marketplaces

Carbon offsets will be turned into the NFT and offered on the NFT market once the presale ends. Thanks to the blockchain, a widely known decentralized database that can be visualized as a form of data, carbon trading uses data. Carbon credits will be minted into NFTs, which helps ease trading and protects from fraudulent activities. Blockchain also allows a more stable and transparent ecosystem, all addressing environmental challenges most efficiently. You can also get NFT carbon credits, refer new users, retire carbon credits, and increase the IMPT score. IMPT will reward you with a collectible NFT artwork every time you burn a carbon credit.

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Experts recommend this currency

According to experts, if we look at the general predictions for the carbon offset market, it will be worth over $700 million by 2027. This promising market is easy to use, trustworthy and promises impressive profit in the long term.

With all we said above, one of the most important reasons to buy early now and make huge gains is recommendations by experts. With the predictions and some hard facts, IMPT has already hit impressive milestones. With $12 million raised in presale, this crypto is undoubtedly one of those that are highly recommended to buy. It is a crypto that you should buy now and wait for a whooping price.

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Should investors buy IMPT coins or not is not questionable anymore. As the currency is listed on the CEX list and is an early IEO token, buyers should only consider buying it fast. The coin is supported by trustworthy projects and brands and currently has an all-time low price. According to experts, it is expected to gain the price amazingly 50x by 2030!

As your main goal is to make a profit, you should consider the success of IMPT so far and the current changes in the market. Therefore, IMPT has achieved revolutionary and innovative progress in the platform, with astonishing predictions for the future. IMPT has shown the most excellent possible chances to enable making a profit in the future. Do not wait any longer; now is the time to invest in IMPT, so buy your tokens!