How to get qualified leads with a survey software

Companies that have an online business work every day to get qualified leads that can turn into potential customers. There are several marketing strategies that can be used to achieve this, but it seems that many brands do not take into account the power of online surveys. Surveys are not only useful tools to entertain the public, when they are created with a good survey software like the one offered by Idsurvey it is possible to create real questionnaires to do market analysis and obtain important information about users.

Unfortunately, there are many online surveys that do not have engaging graphics or are not interesting enough, and for this reason the participation of users is minimal. If, on the other hand, you invest in fun, graphically appealing, quick and easy-to-fill surveys, you can get very positive feedback. When used in the right way, online questionnaires are really effective marketing tools, because with a low cost you can get honest and trustworthy answers from people who are really interested in what you sell or offer online. In particular, surveys are used in the marketing department for a lead generation strategy, since they allow you to transform leads into users.

Offer users something in return

Users are more incentivized to answer questionnaire questions if they know they can get something in return. If someone completes your survey they are giving you their time, so always remember to thank them and offer them a gift. It doesn’t have to be a physical object, you can give away a coupon, free shipping on your next purchase, a PDF with a mini guide or a free course. Users respond more precisely when they know that at the end of the survey they can collect a special prize, dedicated only to them. The important thing is to offer something that can be really interesting to your target.

Create custom questionnaires with a survey software

Using a professional survey software it is possible to create custom questionnaires based on the tastes of users. To do this, it is essential to identify the specific interests of your audience segments. First, know your audience. Then, create polls for each type of audience, thus creating custom content. This step is quite simple if you are using suitable software, you don’t want to rely on free services if you want to invest in surveys for your marketing strategy. Free tools do not offer much customization and the risk is to create standard questionnaires, extremely similar to the multitude that already populates the web. You need to make a difference if you want to achieve results!

Sponsor social media surveys

Where is your audience located? Probably on social media, because now so many people use them. Based on the age of your target, their origin and their tastes, you can understand which social media to sponsor your survey on. For example, on Facebook you will find an adult audience, while on TikTok there is a very young audience. Social media get you a lot of visibility, but you have to propose yourself in the right way because the competition is high in these channels. Using social media marketing tools you can target a specific target and thus obtain valid information to use for your business.

Propose surveys in a fun way

Nobody cares about boring content they have already seen around. With a survey software you can create fun surveys and do several tests before publishing them. Thanks to attractive graphics you can more easily attract your audience and entertain them for a long time. You have to understand what attracts your audience and try to offer them what they want. You can create a personality test, ask questions in a fun way. Don’t be afraid to dare: overly standard questionnaires are boring and people answer the questions randomly because they can’t wait to finish them. The more the surveys are aimed at a specific target, the more they work, because you are showing that you know your audience well and you can ask more personal and interesting questions. Remember that your audience wants to feel appreciated, so they will continue to follow you and respond to your polls!

Don’t go overboard with the amount of questions

Since people are giving you their time, try not to overdo the amount of questions! A survey must be short, simple, fun to give good results. The questions must never be too long and complex and the type of answers must not always be the same. You can propose multiple choice questions, or leave the user free to say what they want. In general, avoid asking more than 10 questions, otherwise it is likely that the user will leave the survey incomplete. Ask the most important questions at the beginning of the survey, because that is the moment when the user is most concentrated. Leave the unnecessary questions at the end and remember to add emoticons to make the survey more fun.