How Technology Can Make Your Business More Efficient


Every business person knows that efficiency is key to success. And yet there are limits to human productivity. Past a certain point, not only does further efficiency become impossible but morale falls. It can also be a mistake to view efficiency as the highest value an employee can bring to the table. Employees may have a number of other strengths that are vital to the company that do not necessarily include or are even antithetical to efficiency. Technology can bridge the gap between what humans are capable of and a higher degree of productivity.

Fleet Management

Managing a fleet means paying attention to regulations, safety, maintenance and more. Your fleet needs to operate in a timely fashion, but it also needs to do so in a cost-effective way. You can review a guide to find out more about how to increase efficiency and reduce costs with fuel management systems.

Warehouse Management

Technology has been a game changer for warehouse management. At larger companies, robots have taken some of the strain off humans by transferring large pallets of goods across the space. On a smaller scale, to help you locate things quickly and efficiently in your warehouse, you can use a real-time location system, which involves attaching tags to items that you can later find with geotechnology.

Cloud Storage

Using the cloud for data storage saves money, but it also means that information is easy to access no matter where your employees are. Companies no longer need to allow space for large servers or maintain that equipment. Cloud storage along with communication technology mentioned below are vital tools for a remote workforce, which can greatly increase your productivity. People often work more effectively and with fewer interruptions away from the office.

Communication Technology

This includes everything from video conferencing software to different kinds of chat apps and more. It can even encompass project management software if one of its primary functions is helping to keep everyone on the same page. One of the best uses of communication technology is in reducing the need for in-person meetings, particularly if it would otherwise involve people having to come in from offsite.

One precaution when using communication technology is choosing the right tool for the job. Before scheduling a video meeting, ask yourself if the same information could be better communicated by email. At the same time, a chat message or series of emails might sometimes be less efficient than simply picking up the phone and having a two-minute conversation. Businesses should also make sure that any chat software does not end up becoming more distracting than helpful.


Over the last couple of decades, a number of tasks that were formally done by hand or at least with the help of human input have been partly or fully automated. If you haven’t looked at automation for a while, you might be surprised at what is available. These days, everything from accounting tasks to onboarding new employees can be done with the help of automation. This in turn frees up your employees’ valuable time to take on other projects.