ESPN to Launch Their Own Streaming Service

Image by Jens Bremer from Pixabay

The streaming revolution looks set to continue, with sports broadcaster ESPN the latest company reported to be looking at entering this crowded market. What can we expect from this service and how has streaming already had an incredible impact on our entertainment?

The Ways That Streaming Has Changed How We Get Our Entertainment

Perhaps the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime gives us the clearest example of how this technology has changed the entertainment industry. The chance to watch TV shows and movies at any time has meant a significant shift in our lifestyles but this isn’t the only way that streaming has impacted us.

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We can also see live-streamed uses in areas such as e-commerce, where human presenters show viewers a range of goods that they can buy, with this sales channel particularly popular in the Chinese market in the last few years. Expect it to grow in many other areas of the entertainment and retail industries, as it gives consumers and businesses a convenient way to connect with an added human touch.

What About the ESPN Plans?

Going back to the ESPN rumours, at the moment there are no firm details of when they plan to roll out a streaming service or what sports and programmes it might involve. However, the early reports on it suggest that it will be a standalone service where viewers pay a subscription for live sports events.

The Wall Street Journal has mentioned that ESPN is already getting plans in place to launch a streaming service in the years to come, while the code name “Flagship” has been revealed to be ESPN’s name for their streaming project.

Reports say that the sports broadcaster has been in talks with different sports leagues and their existing cable partners, to see how this is going to work. The project appears to be based on the theory that cable customers are going to continue switching to streaming, and currently ESPN sells its products to cable operators as well as streaming some events on their mobile app.

Will This Be a Success?

The sports streaming market is currently growing at an impressive rate, with operators such as FuboTV and Hulu leading the way. With its powerful brand name and existing contracts to cover numerous leagues and tournaments across the planet, ESPN seems to be ideally placed to enter this market and generate more revenue directly from paying customers.

In general terms, the sports streaming market is expected to carry on growing, with this Deloitte report from the end of 2022 stating that streaming broadcasters are expected to spend more than $6 billion on the rights to show exclusive games in 2023, which is a massive increase from 2021.