Engineering Contractors: How to Find a Client

One of the main questions of engineering contractors: where to look for clients? Before customers begin to come on the recommendations of other customers, you will have to extract, attract and persuade them to cooperate on your own. How and where to do this, we will analyze here.

Ask Friends and Acquaintances

Remember who among your friends and acquaintances you can be useful to. Surely one of them is an entrepreneur, and your competencies will help him develop his business, bring new customers, and increase profits. Some of them may work for companies looking for contractors.

Don’t be afraid to make yourself known. Write a post on your social media that you are looking for clients. The main thing is to clearly state your experience, strengths, what problems you can solve, and your capabilities. For example: “I have been working as a software engineer for three years, specializing in developing mobile apps. I will make your app more useful. ”

In the same post, give the results of your work in numbers, attach cases and recommendations from previous customers.

It is psychologically easier to contact friends and acquaintances and discuss options for cooperation. The main thing is that you have established yourself as a responsible person earlier. And they will try to help you. We think the phrase “it’s better not to work with friends” is a cliche.

The growing number of women in engineering contributes to communication becoming an integral part of work. So don’t hesitate to develop this skill with appropriate attention.

Engineering Marketplaces

The online marketplace is one of the most popular methods of finding clients. Here you can find interesting projects and reliable clients. Moreover, it works in both ways: how to hire world-class engineers isn’t a hard question anymore.

Engre.co is one of the most reliable services. Engre provides engineers with the widest database of companies that are looking for high-qualified specialists. To become a part of a family, there is a simple form of registration and filling profile where you have to indicate all important information about your experience, skills, and knowledge. Check engineering projects to find out whether there is one that you have been looking for for so long.

Benefits for the engineering marketplaces:

  • access to contact information of companies that have received the right to fulfill a large order, the ability to directly contact and offer your services;
  • convenient search;
  • relevant and constantly updated information;
  • the platform allows large companies to place an order for a subcontractor and find a contractor, which for small organizations becomes invaluable information about real orders – there is no need to even call and ask if a subcontractor is needed or not.

Go Through the Contacts of the Companies

Write down a list of companies that you would like to do business with. Just approach this list reasonably based on your experience and capabilities: it will be easier to present yourself to companies from the topics in which you have already worked. Find the sites of these companies and the contacts you need – this can be either the HR department or the social media account of the head of the desired department. Ask if they need contractors.

Here you need an excellent presentation of your services: prepare specific proposals for why you should work with you. If you see an advertisement with errors on the Internet (from spelling to geo, for example, advertising a beauty salon in Germany to residents of France), you can offer an audit of advertising campaigns and draw attention to yourself.

Attend Professional Events

Attend professional events and meet the members. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance: many attend conferences and exhibitions just for the sake of networking.

But communication needs to be built correctly. When you meet, you should not immediately tell who you are and what you are doing. It is better to find out for a start who your interlocutor is, what he does, what interests and pains he has, etc. Communication will be more effective if you build it from the interlocutor.

Remember that finding a customer is only half the battle: you need to establish communication, respond to requests and comments, do the job efficiently and on time. This is the key to success and high earnings.

Promotion on the Internet

According to Datareportal, the Internet today is used by a huge part of the population. Most search for the necessary products and services using the network. Moreover, the Internet, through numerous tools, makes it possible to show ads only to those users who might be interested in it.

It is best to carry out an advertising campaign on the Internet by creating your own website, where it will briefly and succinctly describe what services the organization provides, what guarantees and benefits it provides, what fees it takes, how to contact it and other organizational issues. On the Internet pages, you can demonstrate your work as clearly as possible by providing relevant photos.

The advantages of your website for a construction company:

  • detailed presentation of information about services;
  • motivating the user to take action (with a competent and professional approach);
  • the presence of only the target audience;
  • effective tools for running an advertising campaign on the Internet.

Creating a website, filling it and running an advertising campaign will not be cheap and will require the involvement of specialists, so this is unlikely to be suitable for start-up companies, but there are other ways to advertise their services on the Internet:

  • advertising on city message boards;
  • advertising on city sites;
  • advertising on social networks.