Does AI Technology Pose New Challenges to the iGaming Industry?

As Artificial Intelligence improves and becomes more readily available in the coming years, it is going to have a significant impact on many industries. The iGaming industry, which includes all forms of online gambling, is no exception and the introduction of AI could lead to some significant changes. Continue below as we assess the challenges AI technology could pose to the iGaming industry in the future.

Customer Service

One of the areas in the iGaming industry where AI could make significant changes is customer service. At the time of writing, customer service at the top online casinos and sportsbooks is available via live chat, email, and telephone. The live chat feature may sometimes begin with some automated questions, but the service is run by real people. These people could be replaced by AI, who would be capable of answering any questions and resolving problems, including the most complex issues. The ease in which players can contact customer service and the speed in which problems are resolved is one of the main factors that differentiate iGaming brands. When users choose an online casino or sportsbook, the level of customer service is a key consideration, in addition to bonuses, such as those available when using the Sun Vegas promo code. Using AI to answer most questions should be easy to implement for iGaming websites and would lead to significant savings. However, there may still be some questions that require a human response and that would mean some real customer service agents would need to be on hand. Striking the right balance between AI and human customer service is going to be a challenge for the iGaming industry going forward.

Gambling Addiction

Online gambling addiction is a serious topic and one that must be addressed fully by iGaming operators. Currently, many of the leasing iGaming websites and apps allow users to set limits themselves and that is one way to help players avoid problem gambling. However, this is in the hands of the user and if they do not set any limits, it could lead to a gambling problem. AI could be used by iGaming operators to quickly identify any worrying patterns of online gambling by individuals. AI could identify high-risk users based on previous gambling patterns and act swiftly and automatically to block or a close an account. No one likes to have their iGaming accounts blocked but is always for the best when a gambling problem is developing. AI could even be used to assess players over the course of their online gambling and issue reports highlighting worrying behaviour.

Personalized Experience

Nothing beats a personalized experience and that could be something to look forward to with the use of AI in the iGaming industry. AI can monitor and learn the behaviour of online casino users and offer a personalized gaming experience. The whole gaming environment could be tailored to the user via the use of AI and make them feel like a VIP when playing games or betting on events.

Each of these potential benefits will need to be implemented cautiously. Customer service and gambling addiction are major factors that need to be managed competently and there can be no mistakes, meaning the AI must be robust before it can be used fully in the iGaming industry. However, there is no doubt AI could soon be used in other areas, such as game creation, and it would certainly speed up the process.