Best DeFi Coins to Buy – Projects That Are Likely to Explode in 2023 


With 2022 coming to a close, it’s time to look forward to 2023 and the best DeFi projects that are likely to explode in the coming year and are worth investing in now. While 2022 saw a great crypto crash, the market is set to rebound, with decentralized gaming projects looking to make the biggest splash in 2023 and beyond. 

The Future of DeFi 

DeFi, short for decentralized finance, is the ability for individuals to have complete control of their currency without a centralized middleman such as a bank. This is accomplished by using blockchain technology to record all transactions instantly and keep a permanent record of those transactions so there can be no tampering or alterations in any way.  

While most of the top DeFi projects to date have been related to cryptocurrency coins – digital versions of physical coins that act as a store of wealth – it’s now cryptocurrency tokens which are starting to take over the marketplace.  

Tokens are native to their specific platforms and, unlike coins, can be used for a variety of uses within the space they are created for. They can be used to enter contests, purchase in-game assets, or in some cases traded between users. As the metaverse expands, DeFi gaming, otherwise known as GameFi, where users can play games (and much more) to earn tokens, is also growing in popularity. 

Just as decentralized finance created a way for coin holders to have complete control over their finances, GameFi allows users to have complete control over how they use and receive tokens in the context of gaming. With the gaming industry set to surpass $250 billion by 2025, GameFi is allowing users to keep more of those profits than ever before, making some of the best DeFi coins those in the GameFi sphere. 

Best DeFi Coins to Buy for 2023 

  1. Metacade – Community Run GameFi Hub 
  2. Quint (QUINT) – Boutique NFT Marketplace 
  3. MetaHero (HERO) – Real-World Asset Scanner 
  4. NFT Worlds (WRLD) – Minecraft-Inspired Open World 
  5. Sandbox (SAND) – Virtual World Creation 
  6. Star Atlas (ATLAS) – Sci-Fi MMORPG Game 
  7. Avalanche (AVAX) – Top Ethereum Rival 


1.Metacade – Simply The Best Defi Coin to Buy – Community Run GameFi Hub 

In the world of top Defi projects for 2023 and beyond, Metacade comes in at number one. Metacade is a community-run metaverse arcade that gives users multiple earning opportunities. These include receiving MCADE tokens from play to earn titles, posting top alpha news, writing reviews, and even testing new games.  

Metacade won’t be tied to a single game either but will offer a wealth play to earn games, giving both hardcore and casual gamers a place to go and quickly create income. As for what titles there may be, the users themselves will be able to shape the future of Metacade, by voting on which games developers build, thanks to its novel funding system, Metagrants. 

For more passive users, there are still excellent options on the table. Metacade is offering token staking, providing a share of the platform’s revenue stream to stakers, as well as providing chances to win from massive prize pools across the community.  

Combined, this puts an unprecedented amount of control into the hands of the community and will ensure that significant gaming profits, traditionally destined for advertisers and producers, stay in the community. This allows Metacade’s users to directly create, earn within, and profit from the future of online gaming. 

The ability to use Metacade’s MCADE token for staking, prize pools, exchange, and the high likelihood of a price surge means that even investors not especially interested in gaming can still earn big.  

Overall, the platform is shaping up to become the premier metaverse destination for anyone interested in the gaming industry, with gamers, developers, and investors each finding a way to profit, all while directly controlling the future direction of gaming through Metacade. 

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here. 

2.Quint (QUINT) – Boutique NFT Marketplace 

One of the more unique of the top DeFi projects, Quint isn’t so much a game, but rather a way to merge the metaverse and the real world in new and interesting ways. Like with many of the best Defi projects, Quint users can buy, sell, and exchange their tokens on its marketplace, as well as stake the tokens for rewards. They can also join super-staking pools for a chance to earn real-world rewards. 

Winners of the super-staking pools can get hotel stays, discounts at luxury restaurants, high-end watches, cars and even homes. Quint also offers a boutique marketplace where users can have their NFTs minted, printed, framed and delivered. This gives users a physical representation of their Quint NFTs that they can show off at their next house party or offer as gifts.  

3.MetaHero (HERO) – Real-World Asset Scanner 

Like Quint, Metahero is another one of the best DeFi projects looking to make the metaverse more real. They plan on creating the world’s largest and most realistic library of metaverse assets. The way they’ll do this is by scanning real-world objects and people so they can be added directly to any metaverse sphere. This means that, instead of having a digitally created avatar, you’ll have one that looks exactly like you. You’ll also be able to buy and trade items that are exact replicas of ones in the real world. 

This project will span the entire metaverse, creating a more realistic online universe that looks a lot more like the physical one. Time will tell if this idea will become popular within the metaverse, but it does offer something unique, which gives it a chance to become one of the best DeFi projects you’re able to invest in. 

4.NFT Worlds (WRLD) – Minecraft-Inspired Open World 

NFT Worlds stands amongst the best DeFi projects in that it uses open-source Minecraft code to create a similar experience as one of the most popular games of all time. This means NFT Worlds players can enjoy a familiar experience, controls, and in-game mechanics as to those of Minecraft. While NFT Worlds is not officially connected to Minecraft, it does offer cross-platform compatibility, meaning that anyone with a Minecraft account can also access NFT Worlds. 

With a variety of different maps to explore, users can purchase their own plots of land, build, trade, and otherwise interact with other users. In-game marketplaces provide a space where players can exchange digital assets with real-world value, giving them the ability to earn while they explore and build in this Minecraft-inspired game. By combining the P2E opportunities of the metaverse with the popularity Minecraft already enjoys, NFT Worlds has become one of the more interesting and best DeFi projects projected to make gains in 2023. 

5.The Sandbox (SAND) – Virtual World Creation 

One of the top DeFi projects in history is the digital world builder The Sandbox. The Sandbox allows its users to purchase digital plots of land with which they can do whatever they like, including building, renting, or selling for proprietary SAND tokens. Backed by established investors SoftBank, and partnered with gaming companies Atari and movie production company Lionsgate, The Sandbox looks to create unique worlds (like a “Hellboy” themed project in the works) for its users to explore. 

This makes the Sandbox universe unique, even though its play-to-earn model is akin to others. Unfortunately, the crypto crash has decimated the value of its SAND token, leaving some users sour about the high price of its land plots. If the Sandbox can regain its popularity, it still could turn out to be one of the best DeFi coins.  

6.Star Atlas (ATLAS) – Sci-Fi MMORPG Game 

Star Atlas is taking the metaverse beyond the terrestrial into the great reaches of outer space. Users can take their own customizable spaceship into the grand Star Atlas universe, exploring the stars and claiming their own new worlds that they can build up however they choose. The ATLAS coin is the in-game currency, allowing users the ability to purchase assets such as spaceships, land, crew members, and equipment.  

Users can also form factions with other users to give them a better opportunity to claim and build up their own unique worlds. While one of the more exciting of the top cryptocurrencies to buy in November 2022, one of the main drawbacks is the inclusion of a second token, POLIS, which is what allows users to manage their new worlds. This can make Star Atlas confusing to casual gamers, but its hardcore gaming audience pushes Star Atlas onto the list of top DeFi projects heading into 2023. 

7.Avalanche (AVAX) – Top Ethereum Rival 

The final entry on our list of best DeFi projects is Avalanche, which is a top competitor to the Ethereum coin. A smart contract DeFi platform, Avalanche looks to make it easier to cross-operate various NFTs, meaning that it will be easier to transfer them from one space to another. This idea is what makes Avalanche one of the top DeFi projects for 2023 and beyond. 

It leads some to believe that it can overtake Ethereum, which is currently the second most-valued coin behind only Bitcoin. Boasting transaction times that are cheaper than Ethereum and can be completed in seconds, Avalanche has a good chance to become one of the best DeFi coins in the future of cryptocurrency. 

What’s the Best DeFi Coin to Buy in 2023? 

As a result of its community-centred arcade model, Metacade has the brightest future of all top DeFi projects. It not only has the capability to attract gamers of all skill levels, but also developers and investors by drawing them in with a diverse range of revenue options and the prospect of shaping the future of gaming.  

Metacade’s straightforward approach to staying ahead, providing a fresh stream of new titles which are directly influenced by its dedicated community, is set to push the platform way ahead of the competition currently on the market.  

By focusing on the main points of DeFi, Metacade is putting both a significant level of development and financial reward into the reach of its users. The unique features of the platform exhibit the strong benefits of being an MCADE holder, and as gaming within crypto continues to expand – it is certain to appeal to a wide audience.  

As Metacade takes DeFi further into the gaming sphere, and with a presale just underway, now is a good time to get in on Metacade before it explodes. Currently in a 9-stage presale, initial offerings start at 125MCADE for $1, but the price is going up with each stage, resulting in a final stage price of 50MCADE for $1. We highly recommend you dive into those early bird deals to get a stake in one of the best DeFi projects of 2023.  

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.