5 New and Promising Cryptos on the Market- Get Them on Presale Now!

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The market is getting stable again after all the problems and turbulence it went through recently. Majority of cryptos could not hold on well and suffered massive drops in price.

In contrast, Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra, IMPT.io and Calvaria remained untouched, showing clear success and potential to overcome many instabilities that may come to the crypto market.

If you want to find why we’ve picked those coins as our first choice and get to know all the features they offer, feel free to read the text below.

Top 5 cryptos to invest in right now

After the market became fairly stable again, here are our top 5 recommended cryptos that you should not keep your eyes off of right now.

  1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)
  2. RobotEra (TARO)
  3. IMPT.io (IMPT)
  4. Calvaria (RIA)
  5. Stellar (XLM)

Dash 2 Trade

Despite the recent turbulence in the crypto market, Dash 2 Trade kept and kept grabbing the attention of investors around the world.

The D2T presale is going strong from the very beginning and there are no signs to stop. It has already raised almost $7 million USDT and the number is just raising every day.

Dash2Trade is a crypto analytics and social trading tool that is perfect for all investors and helps them with making correct and informed decisions.

With unique social sentiment and on-chain analysis, investors can spot trending coins with this tool. In addition, trading and adopting new strategies was never easier with strategy builders and the social trading tools that Dash 2 Trade possesses.

For an investor, being always up-to-date with relevant data is the key to making consistently good decisions and succeeding in the market. In order to reap those benefits, feel free to join Dash 2 Trade and get access to a rich collection of tools that are a must for each trader.

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The second crypto on our list is not a trading platform or tool, but more of an exciting and engaging metaverse world where you can create things, explore, interact, etc.

RobotEra enables users also to obtain substantial income through diverse ways such as cultivating trees, trading NFTs, advertising, staking tokens, and so on.

In short, robots are RobotEra’s main NFTs, and players will become robots on the planet of Taro. Robots belong to seven different camps, and each one has different attribute advantages.

Here are some additional features that RobotEra offers its users:

  • Use an editor to create your land or robots
  • Explore special spaces and discover rewards
  • Partake in quest challenges and win rewards
  • Participate in concerts and build an interactive ecosystem
  • Create a new metaverse with other NFT communities
  • Manage a continent for events or group marketing opportunities

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IMPT.io is a crypto project that showed up in the market with the goal to reduce carbon emissions as quickly as possible and cause positive climate change.

In short, it is a blockchain-based platform that assists each individual and business offset

their carbon footprint in an effortless and secure way. Then, if you are eager to help the environment and make a positive change for nature, you will definitely love this project.

IMPT.io allows everyone to have an IMPT.io score, so they can monitor how impactful they are. When users earn IMPT as payment for their purchases, they can keep their earned tokens or redeem them for carbon credit NFTs. In addition, the redemption procedure results in the burning of IMPT, making the token scarcer.

IMPT.io is still in presale, but it’s captivating to hear that it has raised more than $13 million in a very short period.

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Using cards which represent different characters with unique abilities, Calvaria is a card game that allows you to play and win tournaments in order to gain rewards. Additionally, the game’s unique design allows you to own in-game resources by either playing or investing.

The main currency of the game, which also powers the game, is the $RIA token. In addition to $RIA, within the ecosystem, there’s also the $eRIA token which rewards players through their play. Players can use $eRIA to level up cards and purchase in-game resources such as upgrades or unique cards in the form of NFT tokens.

With the help of blockchain technology, virtually all game resources such as unique cards and decks, and upgrades will belong directly to the players. This gives them the right to resell them on secondary markets as well as to use them in various third-party decentralized applications.

Calvaria is very close to hitting $2 million USDT raised quickly in the presale.

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In short, Stellar is an interesting and transactional crypto which has had considerable growth and routinely ranked among the top 30 crypto assets. Most people know it for Its network that excels at a quick settlement at the most affordable price.

Nowadays, Stellar is well-liked by payment companies like MoneyGram. As a reliable XRP substitute, Stellar has done well to establish the same reputation. As a result, it appears likely that it will have a role in the financial sector of the future that is powered by blockchain.


With so many new updates and with the Ethereum merge being completed, we will surely see many new price dips, spikes, and all kinds of changes in the crypto market.

If you are starting out to invest money in fairly cheap and affordable cryptos, you won’t go wrong if you choose any from the list, D2T, TARO, RIA or IMPT. You can find each for a very affordable and low price, especially if your budget is tight. Not only can they be purchased for low price, but predictions forecast those coins to explode in price soon and give their investors a huge ROI.

Having said that, these coins have remained untouched and overcome many instabilities in the crypto market, which clearly shows their potential and that they are not going to disappear for a while.