Voice tech startup Respeecher secures $1.5m investment

Early-stage growth hack VC, Acrobator Ventures, founded by leading angel investor Bas Godska and Joachim Laqueur, has completed the seed funding round for Ukrainian-based company Respeecher.

This round was led by New York-based ff Venture Capital and also comprised of ICU Ventures and other angel investors. One of the first investors, Network VC, has also participated in this round with its Syndicate. 

The company secured a $1.5 million investment.

Kyiv-based startup Respeecher uses AI technology to transform voices, allowing the user to speak in the voice of another person. Respeecher can scale and change the voices of talents and work on improving their accent neutralisation engine.

The technology is already in use by content creators and one of Hollywood’s largest film studios is a client, they used the technology in a global blockbuster. 

Alex Serdiuk, CEO of Respeecher: “I am excited about the journey ahead and Acrobator.vc being part of it. They are supportive and responsive, providing smart money.

“I am firmly convinced that by the time we will be ready to get to more B2C-ish solutions, Acrobator’s help with growth hacking will be extremely impactful for our business. But even before that, it is great to run a business having such founder-friendly and open-minded investors on board.” 

Last year, the company went through the Techstars accelerator in Philadelphia and received funding from it to the tune of $120,000. 

Commenting on the investment, Bas Godska, founder of Acrobator Ventures, said: “We’re seeing rapid, sometimes chilling changes in the way our society evolves from analog into “synthesized” reality.

“The Respeecher team knows extremely well how to adapt to trends and has the full-stack tech stamina to optimise fast across various demand sectors. We’re excited and proud to ride this wave together with Respeechers’ voice wizards.”  

Joachim Laqueur added: “Respeecher’s technology is far ahead of the competition and has current applications in the movie industry, call centres, gaming, synthetic voices and the new area of voice scaling. It will be exciting to see their tech develop not only in these commercial verticals but potentially also in the area of encryption.

“We have full confidence in the team as they have shown a profound understanding of the responsibility they hold in developing this type of technology.”