Pluto, the TravelTech backed by Zurich Insurance, having been recently crowned as the #1 travel insurer on Trustpilot in the UK, have announced the launch of their mobile app.

Alex Rainey, CEO said: “We’re super excited to share this with our new and existing customers. The Pluto app allows our customers to manage, check and change their TravelTech Pluto, launches industry leading mobile app 2 policy quickly straight from their phone.

“Most insurance is buy and forget, and if you do want to make a change, get help or make a claim, then good luck! Insurers aren’t known for their leading mobile apps or allowing their customers to do everything in minutes from their phone. This is us starting to change that.”

The mobile app, which has just completed a beta trial with a limited customer group, is now available to all new and existing customers.

Customers with an active policy will now be able to: Easily check their cover and policy online and offline Make instant changes to their policy Submit claims in minutes when something’s gone wrong Speak to a human around the clock for support and assistance.

Harry Williams, Chief Product & Design Officer added: “Beyond being a market-leading app within the insurance industry, it acts as a vehicle for us to progress towards our mission of helping people make the most of their travels.

“Travel insurance is one way to combat the stuff that can go wrong and takeaway from a great trip. But we’re starting to explore more market-leading digital travel products that will solve meaningful problems for our target audience.”

Pluto has closed over £830k in investment in 2019 alone, with over £660k coming from a recent crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. This investment will be used to expand the London team, launch new travel services via their mobile app and to grow their customer base.