The role of the CFO differs greatly between businesses and industries. Operating as an effective CFO requires different skills and experiences to drive the business forward in an efficient manner. It’s incredibly important for CFOs to think outside the agenda and to lead as a strategist, helping with the financial direction of the business whilst also implementing a growth mindset in order to create helpful ways to help the business grow.

The CFO role is undergoing perhaps its greatest change in recent history, where operating as a highly effective CFO requires a more business-wide leadership approach and the adaptability to keep up with the pace of digital disruption.

With the importance of digital innovation ringing in the ears of the C-Suite, this whitepaper conducted by NetSuite highlights the challenges and path to achieving organisational goals, looking at fundamental areas in which CFOs must focus to be effective.

It covers:

  • Managing the impact of digital disruption.
  • Balancing innovation with operational effectiveness.
  • Achieving standardisation across traditional finance functions.
  • Promoting an open-book approach to organisational data.
  • Making data and analytics a priority for the whole team.

To learn more about the challenges faced by the CFO and how to balance innovation in the midst of digital disruption, download the whitepaper here