Food waste reduction app Kitche receives investment

QVentures has announced their latest investment into start-up Kitche, a free app to reduce food waste and save money. 

Kitche joins a list of several exciting UK-based start-ups, such as Rosecut Technologies, Ocyan, and Smartia, who have already received investment from QVentures. 

With food waste receiving increasing attention by policy-makers in recent months, QVentures is proud to be working closely with a social impact company tackling the problem of food waste in the UK. 

Kitche works to reduce waste from inside users’ kitchens and makes it easier than ever before to manage food at home, saving money and reducing food waste all within one app.

Users can import all products from their food shopping receipt in one click of a phone camera which provides a real-time digital version of their kitchen products for use on-the-move and for recipe creation.

The app categorises products and offers users helpful food reminders automatically to ensure they don’t forget them or let them go to waste. 

QVentures Managing Partner, Robert Walsh says: “It’s fantastic to see innovative technology companies such as Kitche taking action towards creating a more sustainable food industry. We are proud to join Kitche on this journey.” 

Kitche presents users with instant inspiration for 1000s of recipes, filtered by products imported in the app, to help users eat up their food rather than waste it. Finally, users can also swipe to Toss a product and then track those products and associated cost each week in the app to learn food waste habits and save money in the process. 

Kitche Founder, Alex Vlassopulos says: “We created Kitche after a conversation with friends in the park about real-life problems with home food waste.

“We are excited to take Kitche to the next phase with the help of the QVentures investment.”