Communications firm JIN raises €3m

JIN, the communications consultancy co-founded in 2012 by Edouard Fillias, Alexandre Villeneuve and Romain Boudre, received funding from CITA Investment to support its growth and build a leading digital influence group in Europe.

Since 2012, JIN Group has addressed the growing appeal for integrated influence services. The firm’s business model focuses on combining social media, media relations and public affairs, supported by in-house technological solutions for digital media monitoring and performance.

This €3 million fundraising will fuel JIN’s services to provide for the increasing demand from its customers. It will strengthen the group's business lines by enabling senior talent recruitment, technological innovation and strategic acquisitions.

The new investment is set to boost the group’s development in London and Berlin to increase its network of partners in Europe and better support local and international clients.

The ambition is to establish a European leader serving a new generation of marketers. JIN’s leadership combines innovation in the influence business, talent and client retention, and a powerful international offer.