British female making a splash in NY-startup world with social media platform for women and non-binary folks


While clearly more needs to be done to end discrimination against non-binary individuals and provide more security for women on social media, the startup world seems to taking some really important steps in the right direction. One startup playing an important role in this segment — is New York-based Diem — which is a social media alternative for women and non-binary folks — co-founded by Emma Bates and Divia Singh.

Now, Diem has announced that it has closed a $900K (nearly £650K) in pre-seed funding round. The investment round was led by Xfactor Ventures and Acrew along with participation from leading angels such as Create & Cultivate founder Jaclyn Johnson, Discord Executive, and UK-based Amber Atherton.

Besides the investment, Diem, a Techstars NYC ‘20 portfolio company, appointed community expert Abadesi Osunsade and creator Kirsty Godso to their advisory board to shape the future of a social platform that they want to engage in.

Female-founded social media alternative

All the way from the UK, Emma started her marketing career in blogging and transitioned into marketing and partnerships roles at some of the fastest growing consumer brands in NYC and the UK. Prior to founding Diem, she was Head of Global Marketing at the DTC travel brand, Away. Emma’s work has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur and The Cut for her unique approach to marketing, community building and partnerships and she is also a KCL alumni.

On the other hand, Divia, the COO and co-founder of Diem is passionate about building technology-based solutions for people in need from the ground up. Prior to Diem, she was one of the first hires on the digital team at Away and also worked at Zocdoc in various roles across product, operations and CX.

Official launch: Autumn of 2021

Diem was launched in beta in January this year and amassed a waitlist of more than 20,000 members. Ahead of its public launch in the autumn of 2021, it is curating 100 ‘Founding Hosts’ to share their experiences and qualified insights with interest-based and relevant communities within the platform. Hosts come from a range of backgrounds including entrepreneurs, financial advisors, and OBGYNs and include experts such as Sabia Wade, Amy Fraser and an exciting suite of household names that the company is yet to disclose.

Diem is tackling the inequality that exists for women and non-binary folks IRL and on social media, creating a safe, alternative space for them to share knowledge about the “things we don’t talk about openly.”

To Diem, every person’s unique experience is a well of knowledge that someone else can learn from. The brand is not building unnecessary and addictive technology, because the future of social media is not about performative sharing, it’s about knowledge sharing. In the future, Diem plans to innovate on antiquated perceptions of social media and harness technology typically found in gaming and AR/VR, to cultivate a truly social environment.