Cyber security firm OPORA has announced seed funding of $7 million led by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and private angel investors.

OPORA, founded by Yuval Diskin, the former head of Israel’s Internal Security Agency, uses the industry’s first pre-attack adversary behavior analytics capability to deliver pre-emptive adversary threat protection against the most persistent, organized, and largely uncontested cyber criminals operating today.

The company is announcing two new board members, JVP Founder and Chairman, Erel Margalit, and JVP Principal, Julia Kagan, and will use the seed funding for product development, sales, and marketing efforts.

OPORA’s Adversary Threat Protection “ATP” platform provides a real-time and continuous view of customers’ cyber adversaries, exposing and monitoring their network of attack infrastructure, and delivering pre-emptive action to prevent attacks at the source.

OPORA’s “pre-emptive security” approach was conceived by Yuval Diskin, during his time with the Shin Bet, where it was successful in preventing terror attacks ahead of time. The approach was adapted to the cybersecurity world by Yuval and Noam Jolles, the co-founder and Chief Intelligence Officer of OPORA. The company is led by CEO Chris Bell, a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur who was a co-founder of Securonix.

According to Bell, “We started OPORA because we realised that to get control over cybersecurity and the largely uncontested adversaries behind the chaos, IT Security teams need a preemptive advantage”.

“OPORA customers change the balance of power between them and their adversaries, gaining a pre-emptive advantage that translates into adversary level prevention, containment, and control”.

“It is time to move from defense to offense and track cybercriminals in their territory before they move to attack” added JVP Founder & Chairman Erel Margalit.

“Opora has brought about a new mindset in which cybersecurity is moving from defense to offense. The innovation of the Israeli Security Forces led by Yuval Diskin, Chris Bell, Noam Jolles, and the team has now come together with Israeli Hi-tech innovation and is creating technology that is redefining cybersecurity.

“The recent rise in cyberattacks, and especially the dangerous nature of these attacks, is increasing the global need for innovative and high-quality cyber solutions that Opora will be leading. “