The credentials hold a lot of importance in the IT industry and that is why it is recommended that youobtain at least one badgeduring your career life. However, this does not mean that you just choose the first certification vendor you can find. You need to be smart when you make such a decision, and this is where Microsoft comes in. The company has one of the best programs in the world that can help you start your career on a decent note. It offers many options, and one of the most notable certificates right now is ExamTopics AZ-500 Tests: Fundamentals. To earn this credential, the candidates need to take the Microsoft MS-900 exam. So, let’s take a closer look at this test.

What to know?

The first thing that you need to know about the some expertise is that the allocated time is 150 minutes,and during this time, the students will be required to answer about 60 multiple-choice questions. The test is available for taking in French, German, Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), and Spanish. The exam costs $99 and you will have to register via Pearson VUE.

If you want to be successful, it is important that you answer the questions quickly and correctly. This is because the time will be of the essence during the exam,so you cannot afford to waste it. A good idea would be to start with the easier questions as you can answer them quickly without having to think much. All in all, the questions in Microsoft MS-900 are related to the following domains:

  • Understand Core Microsoft 365 Services and Concepts;
  • Understand Microsoft 365 Pricing and Support;
  • Understand Trust, Compliance, Privacy, and Security in Microsoft 365;
  • case study.

If you are thinking about taking the Microsoft MS-900 exam, you need to be sure that you are the right person for it. If you decide to take the test without thinking too much, you might lose interest, which will affect your final score. The preferred candidate for this certification exam is someone who has some knowledge ofCloud computing and wants to explore further opportunities in Cloud services. With this test, you are able to demonstrate your foundational-level knowledge of most vital ingredients, SaaS, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure.

How to study?

Studying will be a huge part of the Microsoft MS-900 test and that is why it is recommended that you spend a lot of time preparing. But to do so, you will need to ensure that you start studying for the exam early because you will need as much time as you can get. You also have to use the best resources to prepare adequately but finding them will be easy as Microsoft offers various options that you can use, including free learning paths, paid instructor-led courses, and different guides with practice tests. However, if you want, you can also use other tools, such as exam dumps, simulators, and video courses to prepare for employers usually recognize.


future achievements has become an important part of the world today and is used to provide a lot of services. If you are someone who is interested in this sphere and wants to make it your career path, then you need to have the right skills. With the help of the Microsoft MS-900 exam, you can learn a lot about Cloud computing concepts and gain the required knowledge that will lead you and your career to success.