Humanitarian AI Fund Receives Boost With New Investment 

Following a challenging year for the majority of us, there may be some people who are considering what they could do to help people who are less-off than themselves. Providing food, shelter, and funding to those who so desperately need it; can be fulfilling knowing that you are helping another human being through a challenging time in their lives.

While these small actions can make a world of difference to those in your local area, thoughts could turn to what could be done to make a difference beyond that in some of the most impoverished places on the planet.

Numerous humanitarian funds exist within this country and beyond, each providing help and assistance to those who need it the most. Like other funds, the investment and donations to funds have dropped due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world.

While this is an unfortunate thing to happen when wanting to do your part to help others, there has been work behind the scenes to keep funds moving, including the $100m investment made into Rewired, a humanitarian AI fund based in Switzerland. Of which we will be talking about further in this piece.

Who Are Rewired? 

Launched back in 2017, Rewired is a fund that is focused on robotics. More specifically, robotics that are used within an applied science and technology aspect. Upon first launching, Rewired received a $100m investment to develop robots that could react and interact with real-life environments, both simulated and real.

When investing in these robots’ development, Rewired’s mission was to increase the sensory development and capabilities of robots to enable them further to interact with the environments around them in an everyday setting. This development in sensory abilities is later used in their work with other projects, which are further mentioned in this article.

Rewired attracted the attention of leading Technologist Tej Kohli, who, in 2019, invested a further $100m into Rewired.

Who is Tej Kohli?

London-based Technologist and entrepreneur Tej Kohli believes in investing in ventures which possess the abilities to transform the lives of those involved and to change the world around us.

While he spends his time investing in worthwhile funds such as Rewired, he has also been doing work of his own over the years to transform the lives of those less fortunate.

Through his own work over the years, Kohli has developed funds and significant projects in numerous countries worldwide, each providing its own way of combatting some prevalent issues in those areas.

Starting out in Costa Rica in 2005, Kohli developed a project that provides practical and financial support to disabled children in that area, ensuring that they can access the similar types of care that their peers can. Kohli believes that by making small interventions such as these, you are drastically improving the person’s quality of life on the receiving end.

Why did he invest in Rewired?

Kohli is interested in the technological advancements that come from funds such as Rewired; biotech, AI, robotics, genomics and more. If the project is posed to contribute towards solving some of the world’s most pressing issues, then you are sure to have caught the interest of the leading Technologist.

Rewired currently work alongside numerous projects globally, each with their own modus operandi. Open Bionics are a pioneering project that leads the way in developing the next generation of prosthetics, using developments in the sensory capabilities, as mentioned previously. However, what sets these prosthetics apart from their competitors?

For the first time, those who are in recipience of a prosthetic from Open Bionics can expect to be able to feel the environment around them through the prosthetic; leading the way for incorporating a more natural element to those who require prosthetics.

A Philanthropist himself, Kohli set up the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute to fulfil this mission of curing corneal blindness by 2030. Using state-of-the-art technology and investing in new biotech like that used in the Open Bionics project, it certainly appears that this is a mission that could be achieved in that timeframe.

With continual investment into projects that positively contribute to people’s lives and increase their quality of life, humanitarian goals worldwide could be achieved. Kohli possesses the belief that the future is bright and one that is filled with technology.

With the belief that AI technology could be dominating the United States and China as soon as 2025, many can see why he has invested so heavily into funds and projects such as Rewired. AI technology is set to change how we conduct certain aspects of research and contribute to living more efficient lives. Unprecedented opportunities for humans lie ahead; let’s see what they have to offer.