How to use AI in e-commerce


In 2020 Artificial Intelligence is already supporting a number of fields, including business, education, medicine and many more. It’s not surprising at all that there are also many powerful ways to use AI to drive and support online sales. Read the article and learn the most interesting solutions for using AI in e-commerce.

AI solutions for online customer service

One of the most frequently used e-commerce software development AI solutions are chatbots providing online shoppers with more or less advanced customer service. They are based on technology called NLP (Natural Language Processing), enabling the machine to understand written content and reply accordingly and reasonably without the support of humans. Moreover, modern chat boxes are able not only to answer visitors’ simple inquiries, but also to advise them on choosing proper solutions and to offer them the products that best match their needs.

Although not every online shopper is enthusiastic about chat boxes, the popularity of this AI tool is rapidly growing. It is predicted that by the end of 2020 nearly 80% of all online customer interactions will be provided by robots, which brings a number of benefits for e-commerce business owners. As virtual assistants can work 24/7 without human support, buyers can get help anytime and immediately, which leads to an increase in the number of online orders.

AI in e-commerce – shopping advisory

AI is also commonly used for matching products to the visitor by analysing their previous purchases. Based on the type of product, time of purchase and other online activities of the potential client, AI algorithms can offer them products in e-commerce stores that best match their needs and expectations. This is a great benefit for all online retailers, as it generates many more order placements without human work or investing in sales. It also helps to highly personalize the offers, which provides consumers with an excellent customer experience. Moreover, AI also performs self-learning, which helps improve its work – the longer it operates, the better matches it can deliver. Due to a great deal of research, using AI for product recommendations significantly increases the conversion rate and average order value.

Best AI solutions for e-commerce

There are already a number of software houses available on the market specializing in e-commerce software solutions and offering comprehensive and creative services. If you’re searching for a technology partner for your e-commerce product development right now, there are several ways to find the proper one. FIrst of all, you can always search for them on Google or ask your network of contacts for recommendations. Before making the final choice, remember to make sure that your potential partner has an interesting portfolio of e-commerce products and is capable of providing solutions that truly meet your business needs.