Selling old cell phones is a worrying aspect for most people. When a new model gets launched, it is common for individuals to buy them immediately. In such cases, it bodes well to sell the old handset and receive some quick money. You can expect a nice sum if you have a gadget that you have looked after well. The sum you get can take care of the expense of the new handset somewhat. In this article, we take a look at how you can sell your mobile phone for cash.

What is the process of selling phones for cash

If you are hoping to sell your device for money, it is a simple process. Here are a few tips to get you started with selling phones online.

  • Identifying the buyer

In the first place, you should search for purchasers that that can offer you the best cost for your old handset. There are many commercial centers and expert buyers, which give decent services. You can get your free quote by listing the condition of your old cell phone. If you like the price, you can add your personal details and address to get the bundling from the purchaser.

  • Shipping the package

After accepting the bundle, you should pack the handset, accessories and fill any forms about the details of yourself and the device. You will then need to send it to the buyer.

  • Receiving the payment

The buyer will check the handset after getting the bundle. They will assess whether the state of the handset is equivalent to what you had specified. The price will get brought down if there are disparities in the condition. You can dismiss the offer if you are discontent with the new amount. The buyer would then send across your handset free of cost. If you choose to proceed with the revised price, you can anticipate the payment within a couple of days.

Important things to keep in mind before selling old mobile phone

Here are some important things you need to keep in mind to get cash for phones.

  • Best price

It is crucial to conduct extensive research prior to selling old cell phones. The market is very competitive, so you can anticipate a better rate. The price would change with every buyer so get a quote from different service providers. Features like inbuilt memory space can affect the cost on offer. If you have a handset with 128GB internal space, you can expect a better price than what you can get for one that has 64GB space. You can likewise watch out for limited-time deals.

  • Check the handset

Prior to selling your handset, ensure you review it for damages or dents. It can give you a good thought of the amount you can hope to get consequently. Be clear about any damages so there aren’t any issues later. Stowing away about dents isn’t prudent as the purchaser will drop the arrangement after knowing the disparity.

  • Factory reset

If you don’t need your personal data falling into the possession of a stranger, you need to reset the handset prior to selling it. Regardless of whether you are an Android or Apple user, resetting the device is simple. At times, buyback companies won’t accept the handset if there is data on the handset. Back up the information to a safe location before you reset the gadget. You would then be able to restore the information in your new gadget at a later stage.

Where can I get the best price for old mobile phones

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