How to Grow Your Online Channel Through Live-streaming

Source: Pixabay

Following the rise of digitalisation, utilising various platforms can prove to be highly advantageous for those seeking to develop their online presence. Given the vast array of different sites that have emerged over the last few years, each specialises in their own areas, meaning that there is a refined focus on specific markets. So, let’s consider how live-streaming can be an essential tool in growing your digital channel.

LinkedIn for Webinars

For those in a professional role that is centred around providing informative visual presentations, LinkedIn could be the platform that is most likely to progress your online presence. Back in 2019, the platform released their live video-streaming service, which enables individuals to broadcast content to their network in real-time.

Upon completing an application to be a LinkedIn Live broadcaster, you’re able to build deeper connections and, as per the platform’s official page, drive more engagement. Fundamentally, this is beneficial to a whole range of different industries, including education, marketing, sales, and many others. Importantly, this approach is cost-effective, as well as being more personal than purely audio-orientated services.

Stream Games Through Twitch

Within the entertainment sector, anyone seeking to enhance their status in the world of gaming should look no further than Twitch. Having become the world’s biggest streaming platform, the service founded in 2012 attracts millions of viewers on a day-to-day basis. For example, in 2012, Twitch reached 15 million daily spectators, according to Business of Apps.

Unlike other game-related sites, Twitch allows streamers to connect with audiences through a shared love of gaming. Furthermore, because of the nature of the platform, there is undeniable diversity regarding the titles that are both played and streamed. As well of Fortnite and League of Legends, for example, which attract substantial viewers, Twitch also embraces more niche sectors such as iGaming. In turn, this means that prospective streamers may opt to broadcast a title from the diverse library at Speedy Spel Casino, such as Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead or Temple Tumble Megaways. iGaming itself already has a strong connection to live streaming, with platforms such as this offering live casino games with real dealers alongside their range of slot titles.

This means that whatever your genre preference concerning gaming, Twitch provides the ideal platform to grow your online gaming channel.

YouTube is Suitable for Concerts

Away from business, education and gaming, there are platforms which help to promote musical productions. Throughout 2020, increasing numbers of world-renowned stars, including Bono and Chris Martin, have utilised YouTube’s capabilities to digitally bring live music to their fans. Although these names are already established, that doesn’t mean that the video-sharing platform isn’t useful to aspiring musicians.

Crucially, live-streaming on YouTube can help to increase your online reach, which is pivotal to up-and-coming creators in the music industry. Moreover, because the platform is owned by Google, videos will show up in search engine results. The site’s live feature enables for real-time discussions with viewers. In turn, this could help to build a personal relationship, thus having positive long-term effects regarding channel growth.

The Potentials of Live-streaming Can’t be Ignored

Ultimately, irrespective of the industry that you’re seeking to grow in, there’s an available platform aimed at increasing the reach of your content. On the whole, live-streaming has become an integral tool within the digitally-controlled 21st century. As a result, few can argue that it can have significant implications relating to online progression.