How to Get Value in Sports Betting

horse racing scene

Image by Peter W from Pixabay

Sports betting is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK gambling industry, with 6.7% of Britons reporting they had bet on sports at least once in 2019. But while the industry is enjoying a purple patch of new players, not all of them have the knowhow to make sure they get the best odds available and give themselves the best chance of winning.

If that sounds familiar, this handy guide is here to help. Of course, no sports betting plan is fool-proof and following these tips won’t ensure you win every bet you place – but it will allow you to bet smartly and efficiently and maximise your chances of success.

Compare and contrast odds

This might sound obvious, but not all bookmakers offer the same odds when it comes to sporting events. It’s a good idea, therefore, to scour the web to find the most favourable odds for your chosen sport and pick the one which will give you the biggest returns. Taking the time to conduct this preliminary due diligence can result in significantly different pots if your bet does come in.

Look out for promotional offers

With the online casino industry so competitive these days, different sites will offer different bonuses and promotions to entice you to favour them with your custom. So, for example, you might spot an incredible promotion on sports betting at Casino Winner which simply isn’t available anywhere else. Staying abreast of offers like these can help to build up your payroll balance and stay one step ahead of the competition with regard to your gambling habits.

Bet on what you know

Have you ever heard the saying that writers should write what they know? The same applies to betting. It might be tempting to lay some money down on an obscure football match from a league you’ve never heard of in Asia or South America, but the likelihood that you’ll lose your wager is far higher than if you restrict your bets to only those spheres of activity which you have a basic knowledge of. Stick to what you know.

Don’t discount esports

When most people hear the term “sports betting”, they immediately think of football, golf or horse racing. However, the rise and rise of esports means that there is now a lucrative market around video game competitions. When you play esports at Betsafe, for example, you can access the kind of unpredictable gameplay which offers real value for those who know where and when to bet. As always, it’s important to research the game being played and the track records of the players involved, but esports is an exciting and innovative new form of gambling for anyone keen to try something new.

Avoid high odds

Many people take one look at the monumental odds of a highly improbable event and get transfixed by the massive potential winnings they could receive. In the process, they conveniently forget just how unlikely that outcome is and therefore how likely it is that they will lose their initial stake. For one man at least, the secret to beating the sports betting bookies was to place lots of little bets with short odds over a long period of time. It might not be as exciting as a flutter on a long shot – but it’s a better strategy to win in the long run.