How Has Technology Changed the iGaming Industry in the Last Decade?

If you went back 20 years and asked a member of the public for their thoughts on iGaming, you would be met with a blank expression. Yes, there were people working and developing iGaming technology back then but for the average person, iGaming was not something that touched their lives.

However, over the past decade things have changed dramatically. You only have to walk down any city high street to see someone on their phone, taking advantage of the latest iGaming technology. Mobile technology, perhaps more than any other, has had a huge impact on the iGaming industry in the last decade. You only have to look at the number of online bookmakers and casinos who now have dedicated mobile apps available to see the difference.

Ten years ago, there were betting websites that may have offered a mobile version of their website but they did not have an application. Fast forward to the current day and any serious online gambling company will have a mobile app that can be installed on a tablet or mobile phone within seconds. The apps have been specifically designed with a smaller screen in mind and this makes it easier than ever before to enjoy playing the latest casino games.

In fact, you only have to open the Google Play Store or App Store to see the incredible number of mobile games available. It does not matter whether you want to play sports, adventure, racing, role playing or casino games, it is all there and, in most cases, free to download. In 2012, mobile gaming increased by over 70% and it was not long before every online gaming company knew they had to take advantage of mobile technology to at least compete with their rivals. If you are interested in playing the latest live dealer casino games, you can find lots of information here to get you started.

We have even seen the rise of mobile specific gambling companies. They have been created with the intention of using mobile technology to offer their services.

Live Dealer Casinos

It is all very well having access to the latest technology but how iGaming companies use it is key. One of the major developments over the past decade is the introduction of live dealer casinos. While there was nothing wrong with the vast array of casino games already available online, with slots, poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack readily available, there was one ingredient missing.

All of the games highlighted above were available to play from the comfort of your own home. However, the games were played against the computer. In other words, if there were any other players at the table during a game of poker, they were controlled using an algorithm. The same applies to the roulette wheel. When playing a game of roulette online over 10 years ago, the only option you had was to use a computer generated wheel. You can still do that today and although it is great fun, one of the significant ways technology has changed the iGaming industry in the last decade is the introduction of live dealer casinos.

The clear difference between live dealer casinos and regular online casinos is the fact you can play the games with a real dealer and real players. Due to the advancement in live streaming technology, it is now possible to play a live casino game using tables based in a real, brick and mortar casino. This has been a game changer for the iGaming industry as there were many gamblers who wanted to experience a real casino but either lived too far away or simply did not feel confident enough to enter one. Now it is possible for those people to enjoy playing a game of roulette, with a real wheel and croupier using a desktop computer or mobile device.

The current technology available to the iGaming industry has also seen major developments in poker over recent years. There are massive poker tournaments played using online technology where players are competing for huge sums of money. This would be impossible if the iGaming companies arranging these events did not have 100% confidence in the available technology. Of course, you do not have to enter big tournaments to enjoy playing poker online against real opponents, there are many games available involving smaller sums of money.

Live gaming has created a thrilling experience and the ongoing addition of Virtual Reality has added another dimension. It is now possible to walk into a casino, look around the room and choose a game to play. This is somewhat limited at the time of writing but as the technology continues to develop, we expect to see VR become the next big thing in the iGaming world.