Genres Dominating In Bitcoin Entertainment

Newbies to the Bitcoin scene might only be attached to the popular cryptocurrency because of the profit opportunities it offers, but veterans in the circuit know that there’s much more to Bitcoin than meets the eye. Throughout its years on the scene, Bitcoin has become a pretty big entertainment outlet, connecting people with some of their favorite movies, video games, shows, and much more! Of course, with so much choice in these categories, some genres tend to do better than others, and if you’re wondering which genres are currently dominating Bitcoin entertainment, here’s a peak.


Because of the analytical nature that comes with most Bitcoin-related activities, people don’t usually tend to put the Bitcoin crowd and romance together. While it’s not unusual for people to assume that Bitcoin users aren’t romantics, it seems like that couldn’t be further from the truth! Bitcoin users that dip into their crypto stash to pay for popular streaming services are loving the romance genre! Whether they gear up to watch cheesy Christmas romances on Netflix or some of the classics on Amazon Prime, Bitcoin users have an undying love for love that all of us can appreciate!


It’s no surprise to see the Fantasy genre doing well with Bitcoin users. No matter the media, fantasy has made quite a comeback in the past couple of years, with epic fantasy themes being front and center in popular content! With Bitcoin users, the fantasy themes are most prominent in Bitcoin games! These arcade-inspired minigames are the perfect place to throw in some mythical beasts, and Bitcoin users seem to agree. The well-executed fantasy elements combined with the Bitcoin rewards these games dish out make it easy to see why so many choose to play them!

While the entertainment value of top-notch fantasy games is something we can all get behind, if you’re after Bitcoin games for profit, you might want to reconsider as the rewards are very small. An excellent alternative that doesn’t require much effort is automated trading! Thanks to software like Yuan Pay Group UK, users can take advantage of advanced AI trading bots that will scour the market for great investment opportunities and automatically seize them! The best part – anyone can do it. Automated trading doesn’t require any previous experience for users to give it a try.


We all love a good mystery. Every day we get to put on our detective hats and search for clues is a good day, and the same goes for Bitcoin users. Like romance, the mystery genre is a pretty big hit with video entertainment accessed through Bitcoin. Unlike romance that usually rears its head in movies, mystery themes are much more prominent in TV shows. Detective shows, true crime documentaries, and even some paranormal mysteries are fan favorites among the Bitcoin crowd, so if you’re in the mood to solve a case, now you know where to turn.


It’s safe to say that horror isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. At one end of the spectrum, we have the people that hate it because of the gore and violence often depicted in the genre. On the other end, we have massive horror fans that love the adrenaline rush of a good old-fashioned scare! Most Bitcoin users seem to be in the ladder category, as the horror genre is a favorite of theirs when classic video games are in question.

There’s a good reason why so many horror fans veer towards video games these days. Thanks to the incredible advancements in the tech scene, video games are now much more immersive than they once were. Since the thrill of horror is rooted in reality, new horror video games do an incredible job of making players feel like the events unfolding in the game hit close to home through a mix of excellent visuals, sound mixing, and in-depth storytelling.