Spirable raises £6m Series A investment

Personalised video marketing automation business Spirable has today announced it has closed a £6M Series A investment round led by Smedvig Capital. Existing backers Frontline Ventures, Downing Ventures, with 24 Haymarket also participating.

Since it’s launch, Spirable has created and distributed over 100m personalised videos in over 50 countries, for some of the world’s largest brands including Johnson & Johnson, Domino’s and Vodafone.

The platform automatically creates and optimises uniquely tailored video ads across social, CRM, messenger and display channels, using data such as location, pricing and weather to dynamically change the content people see, in real-time. This saves brands and agencies a significant amount of time and resources.

Vodafone used the Spirable platform to execute an award-winning campaign, that saw sales of their own-brand devices increase by 100% and drove up to a 50% increase in ad performance. Spirable enabled Vodafone’s team to dynamically create thousands of personalised videos, using data such as weather and location to drive people to their local store or online. The platform is now used to increase efficiency and drive performance across five markets.

Co-founder & CEO Ger O’Meara commented: “Our vision is a future where a brands videos are actually useful to people. Where the ads that you see are as relevant and authentic as your friends’ content.

We’ve built the Spirable platform from the ground-up to achieve this by bringing creative, data and smart technology together.”

Principal at Smedvig Capital, Joe Knowles, added: “Spirable is a critical enabler of personalised video advertising, one of the major trends in video advertising today. Every marketer wants to use video in a more personalised way. But so far, slow and expensive content creation has been a barrier to mass adoption. Spirable’s Software as a Service removes this barrier and makes real time, automated video personalisation at scale a reality.

“Having tracked the business for over a year, we are excited to work with Ger, Dave and the high-quality team they are building at Spirable.”